Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Journey for the Brays

If you know us at all, you know our heart for missions and for the Lord. Since I was a freshman in high school I've always known I wanted to live overseas. Daniel's call was a little later than mine, but nonetheless, that is his heart as well. We moved to Fort Worth so that Daniel could attend seminary and we had intentions of moving overseas and working with the SBC company. Apparently God had other plans. If you've followed the blog or talked with us, you know that for various reasons we backed out of that process and were waiting for God to show us a new plan. Daniel decided to go back to school this semester and complete a different degree. After taking 17 hours this semester, he will graduate on May 10th. He started applying for some pastoring jobs around the US but nothing looked really promising so we continued to pray about what we were supposed to do after graduation.

In February, a sweet friend of mine from high school called to catch up. She and her husband have been serving in East Asia as English teachers at an elementary school since last August. She called to tell me that they were looking for more teachers for the next school year. Everything she was telling us was incredible - almost too good to be true. She sent us some information, we started emailing one of the founders of the organization that helps the teachers find jobs, and started praying. Basically, this organization helps find us a job, we work along side a team of other teachers in a city, we get a salary and housing stipend from the school, and we build relationships and share with the people we meet. We don't have to raise support for our daily living expenses (although we do have to raise some money for moving costs and start up in the city like buying furniture and all the household items we will need). We get to work with a team so we aren't by ourselves in a foreign city. They provide language tutors to help us adjust. There are two good breaks during the school year that we can come home and visit family. For every year we renew our contract with the school, they will provide us with a round trip ticket to come home and see family. It's only a year to year commitment. As far as certification to teach, all that's require right now is a 40 hour online course.

So we're moving to East Asia. In August. We don't really know for how long. We are selling a lot of our stuff, and we will store a lot too. Jack needs to find a new home. We are trying to prepare ourselves for 24hours of travel with a 2 year old. There are a lot of unanswered questions about how this will all work out, but we know that if this is truly something that the Lord has prepared for us, then it will all be taken care of.

Will you pray with us? This is a huge adjustment for all of us, especially for Liam and our families. Will you pray that the money will be there when we need it? Will you pray for our team and the schools we will be working in? And pray for my sanity as I'm trying to organize our life into 3 different categories - what goes with us, what stays behind, and what we get rid of.

We're excited about our new journey!

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  1. I was very excited to read this! I am praying for you guys!