Friday, April 5, 2013

Liam Micah is 20months old

Well, we missed a few months in here. Oh well. :) Sorry Liam, one day I will not be able to tell you everything that happened between your 16th month of life and your 20th. I'm sure you'll be heartbroken. So let's see if I can remember some of your milestones recently.
Liam's vocabulary has taken off. He knows a bunch of words. He's even starting to put words together to make 2 word scentences. Like "get off", "come here", and the ever popular "no Jack". Pretty much everything revolves around Jack. Haha.
He loves hats, shoes, and socks. He especially likes our hats, his rainboots, and wearing socks on his hands.
Still loves dancing and he's been improving his moves. 
 He likes sitting at the table rather than in his high chair.
He loves dipping his food in ketchup/ranch/whatever else he can dip his food into.
Mr. Independent will not let us feed him anymore. And he likes to use his own silverware rather than his hands. But hands are always there for backup.
He's recently started playing with his puzzles and actually putting the pieces back rather than dumping them out and leaving them on the floor. 
He's been my big helper and can do simple tasks that I ask him.

His Mamaw taught him the Clean Up song and he sings it frequently when he is putting toys away.
He's got a good arm when it comes to throwing a ball. Not to good at catching or kicking.
He loves to throw things away. Most of it doesn't need to be thrown away and we have to fish it out of the trashcan.
He also likes to put dishes in the sink. Even clean ones. Or toys. We find lots of toys in the sink.
He's found that he can splash in the bathtub. And so he does. 
Mommy is no longer in his vocabulary. We are both Daddy now.
Favorite word is definitely No. And it is the response we receive to all questions.
One of his favorite past times is playing in Jack's food. He takes the food and throws it at Jack, and he takes the food and puts it in his water dish.
He's gained a passion for coloring. With pens, markers, crayons, sharpies, highlighters, whatever makes a mark.
His laugh is contagious.
He likes sleeping with his sock monkey which he affectionately named "Me" and one of his blankets.
He loves light switches.
Favorite toys include his barn and the animals, a ball, his tricycle, and his guitar.
Clothing size 18-24mo.
Diaper size 4.
Shoes size 6.
Still waiting on his incisors to come in, but he's been messing with his mouth a whole lot more recently. 

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