Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

We decided not to do a Christmas card this year to save a little money since Daniel decided to go back to school for one more semester. So we sent out a Christmas card Text. :) Merry Christmas from the Brays!
Our Christmas this year was one that we will never forget. Liam's first Christmas was last year, but he was only a few months old and didn't really get to "enjoy" the festivities or be involved at all other than to be the center of attention and the subject of pictures - which he was again this year. :)

Daniel and I discussed whether we want to do Santa with Liam and we have decided to not make Santa the focus of Christmas since that's not what the holiday is really about. However, we did take pictures with Santa this Christmas. We went to downtown Fort Worth one evening with Liam and a young girl who lives in our apartments and helps us out with Liam. We took her to see the Santa in the Square so we took a family picture with him as well.
We also had a CARES event with Santa at our breakfast so we took another picture. So much for not involving Santa at Christmas. Haha. :)
Right before we left to come home for Christmas, I had the pleasure of taking some sweet friends' family pictures. I took their Christmas card and Prayer Card pictures in November and they asked us to come out to their parents' and take some family pictures for them. They are about to move to South Asia. We had so much fun playing on the playground at the park where we took pictures!

Worst part about our Christmas this year: The stomach bug.

We were supposed to leave on Thursday to head to Daniel's parents to celebrate Christmas. On Wednesday, Liam woke up and was a little cranky, but nothing out of the usual. I put him in his high chair for breakfast and he wouldn't eat anything. So I got him down and gave him some orange juice and he went to play. Then about 5 minutes late he threw up everywhere. :/ It was one of those moments that I had no idea what to do. But I handled it. I cleaned him. I cleaned the carpet. I cleaned myself. And we repeated that process about 4 more times during the day. Poor baby. He was just pitiful all day. We laid around on the couch all day watching movies and TV shows that he liked.

Thursday came and Liam had diarrhea and was still throwing up. So we didn't leave. Friday morning Daniel and I both woke up with nausea and then Daniel was sick. Mine never progressed to true sickness but I just felt bad. I think God spared me because someone had to take care of Daniel and Liam. Daniel and I both felt 100% on Saturday and Liam was doing well so we decided to go ahead and hit the road to Mississippi for one of the family Christmas parties that night. (Yes, we know we are stupid, and yes, we know the whole 24 hour rule but we did not follow that.) We made it to MS fine. Enjoyed the party with the family. And then Liam got sick again that night. But he had fun with all the family and got to open a few gifts.

We spent Christmas Eve in MS with Daniel's family. We ended up making Nathan sick on Christmas Eve. We went to Nana and PaPaw's on Christmas Eve to have dinner and open gifts. We put Liam to bed and then we opened more gifts at Daniel's parents. 

Liam woke Christmas morning and had thrown up again that night so his cute Christmas PJs were not worn for pictures that morning. Oh well. We actually didn't even take pictures that morning haha.

After breakfast we headed to my parents to spend Christmas Day with them. Liam stayed in his PJs all day. We opened gifts that evening and had dinner. I'll just say this, Liam is spoiled. :) His grandparents and great grandparents sure do love him.
Before we headed back to TX, we had made plans to go to Hattiesburg to see some friends who had recently had babies! I loved getting to snuggle with the babies and Liam got to play with his friend EG! Liam was not happy about me holding the babies though. At one point he just laid down on the floor and threw and absolute tantrum because I had another child in my arms. Glad he doesn't have a little sibling yet. We ordered pizza that night and enjoyed the company of our friends from college while the kids played and we talked about what life as parents is like. Emily just had her second and Lydia had her first and then there's me with mine. :)

Nothing fun happened on New Years for us. I worked that night so I celebrated with my coworkers and patients. Liam slept right through the New Year. :)

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