Friday, February 1, 2013

A Bray Boutique

My embroidery and sewing work now has a facebook page. It has brought me many more orders! :) I had a somewhat hard time thinking of a name. I wanted to do something that matched - like the B's (Bray Boutique). But as an RN I sign my name A.Bray and I really liked the sound of that. So that's what I went with.  Here's some of the recent stuff by A Bray Boutique. I've learned a lot and expanded my ordering options.
My newest obsession. These shirts are adorable!
I learned to sew a straight line and started making pillowcase dresses!
I had several Valentine's orders!
Love pink and green! And this font!
This was a gift that I gave a sweet friend from college. Made me so happy to do something with Lockhearts and the W!
I started embroidering dish towels for Christmas gifts.

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