Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Long Weekend in Mississippi

Back when we had Liam's birthday party, two of Daniel's college friends' wives mentioned they would be having a baby shower in Starkville (Daniel's college town) one weekend in September. We immediately blocked that weekend off so we could go spend time with everyone in Starkville. We hadn't been there in 2 years. We invited my mom to come since she was just about an hour away and she came to visit and help with Liam. We stayed in a hotel across campus which was so nice because we could go on walks around the campus at night.
Roadtrips to Mississippi have changed in the last few years. :)
 We got there late Thursday night and getting Liam to bed was quite an ordeal since we were all in one room and there was no way to keep him from seeing us. He eventually went to bed though. On Friday, my mom and I drove to Columbus (my college town) and saw my friends Jenna and Maeghan, walked around the W (Mississppi University for Women, my alma mater) and visited my old BSU director.
Liam playing on the W's campus
We shopped for a while in town and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe on Main. We drove back to Starkville and ate dinner at Old Venice (the place where Daniel and I had our first date! and where Daniel had his birthday meal for his 4 years of college). Saturday morning we got up and went to City Bagel for breakfast with Stacey and Zach. Saturday for lunch, we had the baby shower for Cari and Laura Beth at The Grille. I got to see so many girls that I made friendships with while dating Daniel. I also went to church with most all of them. It was really nice to catch up with everyone!
Laura Beth with lil Shelby on the way! (She's here now, I can't wait to meet her!)
Cari and baby Addison on the way!
When lunch was over, Daniel, Liam, and I went to FBC's playground to meet up with Lana (one of my college friends) and her husband and son and we let the boys play while the adults chatted.
Lana and John Mark - he is a week and a half younger than Liam.

We headed to our friends' tailgate after that. We found my friend Rachel Clair and got to catch up for a few minutes. Zach and Stacey had given us tickets for the game that night, so we sent Liam back to the hotel with my mom and we went to the game.
Ready to ring his cowbell!
One of Daniel's lifelong dreams. :)
Sweet friends Zach and Stacey who gave us tickets to the game. They will always have a special place in our heart because they played a big part in the beginning of our relationship.
My mom and her favorite grandson.
We left a little early so we could go get sushi at Umi's (one of our favorite places to eat besides Old Venice). We got it to go and went to Katie's house to visit with her. I spent MANY nights at Katie's when I would stay in Starkville too late and didn't want to drive home at night.

We headed back to the hotel for the night and Sunday morning we got up and drove to Hattiesburg to stay with Emily and Justin and their little girl. The kids had so much fun together! They were so cute! Lydia and Jared came over that night for dinner so we got to see them. So many people in one weekend!
Eden Grace and Liam playing.
Totally their idea. Really.
Lydia and Jared - they are going to be awesome parents!
Trying to get everyone to cooperate. Fail.
There are two babies in this picture! Emily is due in December and Lydia in November.
We really did get to see *just about* all of our close friends from our college days! I wish I had taken pictures with everyone.

Before we headed home we stopped by Pelahatchie to meet our new baby cousin, Ian! Isn't he handsome?
Baby Ian

Such a blessed weekend!

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