Thursday, October 4, 2012

September - Fall is Here!

Well, the season is here, the weather is not. We had a few days of nice weather and then it disappeared. Liam is now 14 months old. Here's an update:
Liam and I flew to Ohio (along with my dad) so that Liam could meet my dad's side of the the family for the first time (see other post for more pictures!)
While in Ohio, Liam went to his first zoo.
 When we were in Ohio, Daniel was in Nicaragua working with Living Water and digging a well for a community.
Liam's favorite book is a foam book of barnyard animals where the animals pop out - like a puzzle. He loves to sit and turn pages.
He officially weaned now. He drinks organic whole milk from a sippy cup (with a straw) now.
He sleeps with a blanky now. He loves to snuggle with a soft blanket.
He puts himself to sleep without fussing at all (we still have nights that are worse than others occasionally). We finally established a bedtime routine which helped with him being fussy. We sing Jesus Loves Me and say a bedtime prayer. Love my Jesus time with Liam! :)

No pictures for this post. Haven't been able to upload them. Maybe one day...

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