Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!!!

 Our sweet boy is officially a one year old as of July 23rd. I. can. not. believe. it. Daniel and I were talking today about how we we've survived 5 years with each other, and one of that included raising a child. Crazy talk. I can't believe we've been married for 3 years and have a 1 year old now.

Back to Liam's birthday. :)

We drove to Mississippi on Friday, the 20th and got in late that evening. Just enough time for Daniel's parents to hug and kiss Liam and then we put him to bed. On Saturday, Daniel, Nathan, and I went to see Spiderman and then I started preparing for Liam's party. Sunday we went to church and then came home to finish decorating.
 Family started showing up around 1:30 even though the party didn't start until 3:00. Everyone wanted special time with Liam. Some of our friends drove over to celebrate Liam's birthday. The Gaunts came from New Orleans, the Williams from Vicksburg, the Kinseys from Clinton and Scott from the Jackson area too. Mine and Daniel's freshman roomates were both there. :) Most all of the Bray family was there too! My parents weren't able to come over for the party though. We opened presents and ate some good food that all the grandmas fixed.

 Liam got to play with his own personal cake (which was soooo good by the way!) and when he was finished playing with it, we stripped him down and put him in a baby pool out back to wash off.

Everyone left except for our friends from MS State and we all hung out at the pool for a while catching up. Then we and the Williams headed to Mugshots to meet our friend Clay for dinner.

On Monday (Liam's real birthday!) I drove to Tuscaloosa to have a little celebration with my family. My mom, dad, Liam and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Liam's birthday. He got to eat tortillas, rice, a banana, and fajita chicken. :) Then we went over to see my grandmother at the nursing home. Liam had his own little smash the cake party in one of the community rooms but he had no interest in eating the cake. He just threw it around and stepped in it. Fun times. Then mom and I took Liam shopping for a few birthday presents. She bought a portable DVD player for him. I swore I would let him have one of those for the car but then I did. Oh well. It made riding in the car with him for 2.5 hours much nicer. After shopping we went back to my parents' home and let Liam open a few more gifts. He wanted to play with my old toys more than open presents. As soon as we were done opening presents we hit the road again to go back to MS. Short and sweet visit.

On Tuesday I met my friend Brooke and her precious baby boy Watson for lunch. Then Daniel and I went to see the new Batman movie.We got home and there were lots of grandparents over wanting to spend time with Liam. Liam had such a good birthday and he was showered with love from everyone.

Notable events from his birthday party:
We had to give him a cracker to keep him happy while I made everyone at the party take a picture with him.
Some of his favorite gifts (at the party, he's enjoyed them all once he had the chance to explore everything): a sippy cup, a baseball hat, and two bouncy balls. It doesn't take much to please this child.
He ate cake. And a lot of it.
Liam loved the wooden chair that Daniel's Pop built for him when he was a little boy. Liam would go over and sit down in it and just squeal with glee and bouce up and down. We all would look and ooh and ahh and clap and he would get even more excited. So stinkin' cute!
 We went swimming in MaMaw's pool.
He enjoyed exploring the nursing home and making all the sweet ladies smile.
He also enjoyed watching Elmo the entire ride back to Pelahatchie from Tuscaloosa.

We have been so blessed to call this little boy ours. We thank God for him every day and we pray that we are teaching him about Christ's love through our actions and words. He has been such a joy to our family! He's pretty much the coolest 1 year old we've ever met. He has so much personality and charisma. He loves to clap and yell when he's excited about something. He's too smart for his own good sometimes. He likes to do things that we say "no" to and when we tell him "no" he looks at us and smiles that toothy grin and does it anyway. (The Lord is working on our patience with him.) We've had to lock every cabinet in our house and keep all doors closed, otherwise he will pull everything out. He's such a special little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our life. We love you Liam!

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