Monday, August 27, 2012

Braycation 2012

Catchy name right? Haha. The first week of August we went to Anna Maria Island in Florida to visit some friends of ours (David and Natalie Moss) that used to be here in Fort Worth at SWBTS but moved to NC to attend SEBTS. We hadn't seen them in a year  (Since Liam was only a week or so old) and they had since had their own little girl, Hannah, who is almost 6 months old. They were going to go stay with family and they invited us to join them. Such a blessing to take a beach vacation, spend time with friends, and not have to pay for a hotel/condo AND their family fed us a lot of our meals.

We flew to Tampa late Tuesday night. Liam did great on the flights. Our jump from Dallas to Houston was easy and only about 30 minutes. Then our flight to Tampa we got to sit in the bulkhead just the 3 of us, so it was nice to have room where Liam could play. Liam fell asleep right before we landed in Tampa. We got our bags and our rental car and hit the road. We got to Anna Maria around 1am.

On Wednesday we hit the beach. The beach we went to had a strip of water that you waded through, then a patch of sand, then the ocean. The little ones really enjoyed the strip of water because there were no waves involved. Liam hated the beach at first. He didn't like the water coming up to him. He eventually settled in and started to enjoy it. We spent a few hours there and then headed back to the house to clean up and have dinner. We also played lots of card games during our time with our friends. SkipBo and a game called Peaunut, and we also tried out a game called Last Words. We used to always play games with the Mosses when they lived in FW so it was nice to do that again.
The sunsets on the island were incredible. We really enjoyed going out most nights to watch the sunset.
Basically our week was spent on the beach, swimming in the water, walking into town, eating some really good seafood, playing games, and watching sunsets. Not a bad way to spend a week, right? :)

Our flight left from Tampa early Tuesday morning so we decided to spend Monday night in Tampa. We went to the Tampa Aquarium a soon as we got into town. So. Much. Fun! Liam had a blast! They also had a little splash park at the aquarium so we took him out there to play. A storm rolled in when we were drying off so we headed to the hotel and ordered some really yummy Thai Food!
Such a fun family vacation! So thankful for the chance to go to Florida and spend time with our friends and their family!

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