Monday, July 9, 2012

A Crazy Two Weeks in June

Our life was turned upside down recently.

As many of you know, I quit my job as a full time RN to work PRN (as needed) in the float pool (I can work anywhere in the hospital depending on where the need is) and I only have to work 4 days a month. I was able to work 3 shifts after going back to Fort Worth from our trip to Tuscaloosa. On Thursday (6/7) my mom called and said they were moving my grandmother to Hospice. She'd been in the hospital for a few days, went back home for one night, and went right back to the hospital. Her heart has had multiple issues for some time and the doctors just said there wasn't a whole lot they do medically anymore. I booked a plane ticket that afternoon and was in Tuscaloosa around 6:30 that evening. Liam came with me. My Mimmie was so excited to see us. That weekend she was actually doing really well. They have taken her off most of her normal medicines and have been giving her some medicines to help keep her comfortable.
Just after I washed and fixed her hair - I think I did pretty good!
She LOVED watching Liam play!
Monday night I was talking with Daniel and he had to get off the phone to take another call. He called me back and was very upset. He had lost his job. This is the job that was the reason I quit my full time job. This was the job that was providing a comfortable living for us. This was the job that allowed us to book plane tickets to go see our friends in Florida this August. This was the job that was a blessing from the Lord at the time and we were so grateful for it. However, this is also the job that the Lord has now allowed to be taken away from us. God is teaching us through this experience. In my opinion, we weren't using His blessing in the way that we should have been. We were spending a lot of money, having more fun with the money than giving back and using it for God's glory. So God humbled us. Thankfully I didn't quit my job like I had planned to - for some reason I felt selfish and just couldn't stop working all together. I think that was God preparing us for this situation.

Daniel decided to come home to Pelahatchie that Tuesday since he no longer had to work that week. I joined him on Wednesday - our 3 year anniversary! We talked more about our situation and what we were going to do. It's basically been decided that I will continue to work and just pick up a few extra days at work as needed to support ourselves. We've completely re-budgeted and we're going to be sticking to that. I will keep sewing and hopefully start selling some things one day and Daniel will continue to do some woodworking. And we will spend more time doing ministry and preparing for the mission field overseas.

So on our anniversary we went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Ridgeland - Biaggi's. Then we went to GiGi's cupcakes and got dessert. Followed by a movie - Snow White and the Huntsman. Daniel's parents watched Liam and it was nice to have a date night! My MIL even kept Liam that night so I could sleep!

I stayed in MS until Saturday. On Friday night we met our friends, the Trussells, the Williams, Clay and Matthew at C'Paws for dinner and then we went to get yogurt. It was great to catch up with them!

On Saturday, Liam and I drove back to AL while Daniel and Jack headed back to TX. Daniel was supposed to leave the next morning for a mission trip with Living Water to Nicaragua. Unfortunately, Daniel wasn't able to find his passport Saturday night so he couldn't go. Another upset. Praise the Lord though, Living Water just canceled his plane ticket and told him to call them when ever he wants to go because he's already paid! So we didn't lose all that money. We're still trying to figure out what the Lord is doing in this situation. I know He'll reveal it in His time. So instead of me staying AL until he got back from Nicaragua, Liam and I headed home early to be with Daniel. We need to be a family and pray together and seek God's guidance.

Since all of this my grandmother has been doing well and she was moved to a nursing home a week or so ago. I'm glad that we got to be there for a week and a half to spend time with her and I was able to help my mom out some. Liam brought a bunch of smiles to some very sad people at Hospice. The nurses absolutely loved him.

I've been looking at the job loss as a blessing in disguise. Daniel and I will have more time together. We can focus more on ministry opportunities. We can travel whenever and wherever. He gets to be at home with Liam more and watch him grow. So yeah. God gives. And He takes away. It's part of life. We just need to keep praising Him through the storms of life and giving Him all the glory.

Learning to Sew

About 3 months ago, a friend posted on Facebook that she was selling her sewing/embroidery machine. I'd been considering buying one for a while because I have a bunch of friends that make super cute things and I have a bunch of friends that are pregnant and I would love to make them cute things. So I bought it. It's a Brother SE400 and I love it! I started out trying out some simple appliques on some old onesies for a friend who is fostering a little girl. Here's some pictures of things that I've been working on. I've made LOTS of mistakes and I'm definitely not a seamstress yet, but I've been enjoying the easy appliques and I'm slowly venturing into actual sewing.

Liam's now 11 Months Old

Well, he's been 11 months for a few weeks now, I just forgot to upload this post.

Accomplishments of Liam over the past month:
Walking everywhere
Already learning to run away from the girls :)
Crawling on top of everything

Loves to open cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Apparently we still haven't baby-proofed enough.
Ear infection FREE! Praise God! No tubes! (Yet)
Can now drink through a straw
Took another airplane ride back to Alabama (And spent lots of time with Mimmie and GiGi!)
First car ride with just mommy that was longer than just a quick errand. We drove from Tuscaloosa to Pelahatchie and back.
 Still in size 2 diaper - I don't think this kid's butt is ever going to grow
12 month clothes
Size 4 shoes
No new teeth this month
Enjoyed his first trip to a Drive-In Movie!
 First bought of diarrhea - just what you wanted to know right? Apparently he got some sort of virus for about 5 days.
Speaking of that... he also loves to play in the toilets. And with toilet paper. He took a bit out of a roll the other day like it was an apple.
My kid also has a fetish with my flip flops. Gross. 
Says "Ma Ma" "Da Da" "Back" "Me Me" "Bye Bye" "Ba-by" "Be-Bah" "Hi" and likes to mimic any simple words that someone says to him.
Loves to wave at people and say "bye bye" when saying hello or bye
 Loves my old toys that have strings on them so he can pull them around when he walks. This also applies to shoes and their laces.
Did I mention that he is walking!? He's not longer a baby, he's officially a toddler.

We didn't get to spend Father's Day with Daniel, so we sent him this picture.

1 John 3:1 “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”