Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Months Old

6 month photo shoot!
Liam is now 7 months old. Here's an update on the past month:
  • He has 2 teeth. That's right TWO! Bottom teeth. Those things are sharp!  
  • We went to the doctor for a shot at the beginning of February and Liam weighed 17lbs 10 oz (but that was with clothes still on)
  • He started army crawling all over the place at the beginning of February.
  • A few weeks after that he started to pull up on the couch, TV stand, dog, whatever he could get his hands on. 
  • And then a week after that we had full on crawling - hands and knees.
  • The house is no longer safe from Liam. We've officially babyproofed everything. We barricade him in the living room with our ottoman to keep him from going to the kitchen.
  • We have had a lot of falls this past month. I'm preparing myself to have to go to the ER one of these days.
  • He's wearing 6-9 month clothes. The 9 month pants are still too big, but we're making them work. 
  • No more thumb sucking. He just chews on his fingers now. 
  • Never started signing with him. I still should do that.
  • He's still not very verbal. He definitely makes more sounds, but not "word" sounds.
  • Still loves his Jumparoo - but he prefers to be free these days
  • Working on solids. I haven't been pushing them though. I think it's more laziness on my part, but he doesn't seem to want them anyway. We've added peaches and avocado to the list. Loves peaches. Hates avocado.
Sweet potatoes from head to toe
  • We put frozen cantaloupe in a mesh teether the other day and he really enjoyed chewing on it!
  • He's started taking a pacifier some at night. He normally falls asleep during his nighttime feeding but still wants to suck on something so we transfer the pacifier in to keep him happy. 
  • He's slowly but surely learning to put himself to sleep without having to eat or be rocked to sleep. 
  • We bought him "The Beginning Reader's Bible" for Valentine's day and he's been enjoying his reading scripture with some awesome pictures before bed each night. 
  • The past two weeks, we've been keeping a little girl who is a month older than him and he's been learning about sharing. And he's doing great!
A.B. and Liam
  • He has a favorite show on Netflix. It's called Early Bloomers. If he's ever fussy, all we have to do is turn it on and he immediately quits crying.  I don't know who invented it, but they were a genius. And Daniel introduced him to Blue's Clues the other day. He's a fan.
In a trance
  • He's started staying in the nursery at church on Sundays and enjoys playing with other little ones. 
  • We've been having lots of play dates with other kids! Mommy enjoys them too. :) 
My living room gets full when we have play dates with other moms and their kids.
  • Sleep Habits: Up until a few days ago, he was going to bed around 11pm and waking after 9am with 1 or 2 feeds in the middle. But these past few days he's been going to bed a little earlier and sleeping ALL NIGHT! I'm so proud of my little man. And I've thankful for consecutive sleep. My body actually hurts though because I'm used to waking up and changing positions after getting up to feed him and now I'm so tired that I collapse and don't move all night = soreness in the morning. But thankful, very thankful.  

I guess that's about it concerning Liam. I need to learn to update as things happen. Maybe one day. Probably not though.

Daniel and I have had a busy month as usual. I continue to work weekends. Daniel continues to work on MWF, so we have Tuesday and Thursday together, which is nice since I work on weekends.  But Daniel got a NEW JOB!!! Praise the Lord! He's going to be able to use the engineering degree that he worked so hard to earn at Mississippi State. He will be working for a company called Kobi Group. Definitely a God thing as to how he got this job. He'd been searching for one all last semester, but nothing ever worked out so he gave up. And then a random facebook friend of mine (not even someone that I know, just know of her) posted that her husband's company was looking for a new employee with an engineering/math/science background. So I gave her Daniel's name and email, the lady's husband contacted him, Daniel submitted his resume, they talked on the phone, he went in for a real interview, and came out with a job! He starts when we get back from Spring Break.

Speaking of Spring Break, Daniel had originally planned to preach a revival somewhere in the US through SWBTS as part of their Revive this Nation program. But they had too many sign up and not enough churches, so he wasn't asked to participate this semester. We were really bummed, but decided to take a road trip since we had the opportunity. We've wanted to go to the mountains and stay in a cabin and have snow, so we decided on Colorado. We also decided that we would rather go with some friends, so we talked with our friends Brett and Laura Beth and they decided to come with us! We got a nice cabin in Estes Park and we can't wait to spend time with our sweet friends! :) Plus it will be Liam's first time in the snow!

Daniel and I are still really enjoying teaching Sunday School and working with the children's ministry. God is teaching us a lot through this ministry. And I have started a one-on-one Bible study to disciple a lady from our church. We had our first meeting this past week and I'll just say that God is good!

Daniel and I had our first REAL date in we couldn't tell you when. Before Liam? My mom watched Liam when he was 2 weeks old so Daniel and I could go out for ice cream, but I don't really count that. Our sweet friend Erica called and asked if she could babysit Liam on Valentine's day so that we could have a date. Her husband was working that day so they were waiting a few days for their Valentine's day. Daniel took me to see The Vow and we ate dinner at the movie theater (it's one of those dinner and movie theaters and then we went out to Benbrook Lake to watch the sunset. I miss our dates like that. We used to do things like that all the time when we were in college. Thanks again Erica for letting keeping Liam! :)

Maybe I'll add some pictures later. - DONE! :)
First time to pull up! We dropped the bed that same day.
Got a bike seat so Liam could go on rides with us.
A Valentine from Liam!

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John 3:16
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