Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 Months Old

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 
Luke 2:10

Liam turned 5 months old on December 23rd.
  • He is wearing 6 month clothes (and working on outgrowing them). 
  • I have no idea how much he weighs, we'll find out when we go for his 6 month check-up in January. He loves to roll around the living room floor now. I'll put him in one spot and next thing I know he's rolled halfway across the living room. 
  • He has a new appreciation for his Jumparoo and loves bouncing up and down. Seriously, he'll play for at least an hour in it. 
  • We've officially started solids. So far he likes apples and bananas. He's not too sure about peas. He can't stand carrots or turkey in turkey broth. My little boy has a sweet tooth. :) I made my own babyfood with the banana the other day. And I gave him a chunk of a banana inside a mesh feeder. It made quite the mess, but he enjoyed chewing on it.
Such a happy baby!!!
Peas for the first time!
So happy in his Jumparoo.
Too much fun wears him out.
 Christmas time came quick this year. We had a CARES event at our apartments - Breakfast with Santa. Liam sat in Santa's lap and gave us his precious smile for pictures. :) Right after the breakfast, we headed out to MS. Yes, I worked Friday night, stayed awake for the breakfast, rode in a car for 7.5 hours, and then attended a Christmas party and didn't get to bed until after 11pm. I am crazy. That's what lack of sleep will do to you. We had several "Christmases" in Mississippi before heading to Alabama to see my parents and grandma. It was the first time that Mimmie got to meet Liam. Liam definitely got his fair share of great grandparents during that week!

Sharon kept Liam at night for 3 nights so I could actually sleep. It was glorious. And my mom continued this for 2 more nights. That makes 8 nights of 8 hours of consecutive sleep. I felt like a new woman. Our families were too good to us and to Liam this Christmas. Our truck was packed down on the way home. We never could have made it home with everything if we had taken my car. 

Liam's first look at the Christmas tree.
Playtime with Papa in MS
He's such a cool kid.
Great Grandparents rock.
Presents from MaMaw
Grandpa Rich and Liam
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree - I want to eat your lights.
Best present under the tree!
Making faces at GiGi
Too much fun with the grandparents makes for a tired little boy.

We came home the Friday before Christmas because Daniel had to work, and I worked that Friday night and Sunday (Christmas Day). We had 2 couples over for Christmas Eve dinner. (I can't believe we didn't take a group picture!) None of us have family around and so we spent Christmas with our Seminary Family. Liam's little friend Rizpah was over here and he started making moves on her, trying to eat her face. Such a little boy. No manners. We went to Christmas Eve service at our church prior to dinner. It was wonderful to worship with our church family. On Christmas day, we spent time as a family and that afternoon we went to see a movie. We saw Mission Impossible. It was so cool to see Tom Cruise scaling the Burj in Dubai since we had the opportunity to go there and go up the Burj just a week after he filmed those scenes. I came home, napped, and then went to work. As much as I hated having to be at the hospital over the Christmas holidays, I'm glad that I could be my patients' nurse so that I could maybe share a little Jesus with them in their time of sickness and hurting. 

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

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