Thursday, October 27, 2011

Road Trips, Rock Climbing, and Shots

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 
James 1:17

Not really sure where the last 2 months have gone. Somewhere in there, Liam had his 2 month check up, we passed his 2 month and 3 month birthday, I got some great items for Liam at the JBF sale, we officially joined Solid Rock Church, we went rock climbing at Lake Mineral Wells, we took an awesome road trip to the west, and I started back to work. Those are just the big things though. Basically every day of our life has had something on the calendar for the past 2 months. I keep thinking, "life will slow down one of these days" but no sign of it yet.
He is his father's son
Liam continues to be a blessing in our lives, as he will be forever! He's grown sooooo much in the past few months! At his 2 month check up he was 24 inches long and 12 lbs 4 oz - making him 90th percentile in both. He got his first round of shots - 5 of them! He doesn't take a pacifier very well, but he just cried for a few minutes until mommy could hold him, then he snuggled in my arms whimpering for a few minutes and calmed down.
poor baby - 5 shots!
He's so alert and has started playing more with his toys - reaching and grabbing and holding on. His favorite toys are the bugs on his bouncy seat. He will sit there and stare at them and smile and then all of a sudden burst out a scream. Evidently the bugs are mean to him on occasion. He also loves his little stuffed bugs that have different textures and a little rattle in them. He's already a Bray (Daniel's dad studies bugs and Daniel has always enjoyed bugs).

He still enjoys snuggling in his "magic blanket" that is fake wool. It's magic because he always falls asleep when we wrap him up in it. I hope we never lose that thing. He LOVES the bathtub and splashing around in the water. (click the link to view of a video of him splashing around!) He's making "cooing" noises and will talk to us when we make the sound back to him. (again, click the link to view a video) He's got very strong legs and arms - he stands really well when we help him pull up and are holding him. He's got an incredible smile that we love to see in the mornings when he wakes up. He rolled over at his 2 month check up from his stomach to his back. I was so happy I cried. He's done it a few other times too. He has torticollis and we saw the physical therapist for the first time this week. We'll do a follow up in about a week. We just need to work on strengthening his neck muscles. We're also working on tummy time with him. He's been doing so good at holding his head up, but he's not using his arms to do this and he really needs to start learning to use his arms, otherwise he'll have problems crawling. So we have a lot to work on together! And we bought him his first activity center/jumparoo at the JBF consignment sale. He's working on learning how to actually play. The first time he sat in it for a few seconds then started to cry, but we've gotten up to about 15 minutes of playtime before he gets stressed out.
Whoa! What's this!?
We took Liam to have his first rock climbing experience at a nearby state park. He let us climb a few routes before wanting to take a nap and crying until we pulled the hammocks out and laid in them. He loved lying on my chest and swaying in the wind. And I'll admit, I probably enjoyed this precious moment even more.  So peaceful.
He's definitely got the hands for climbing - and the length!
 The first week in October, we took a roadtrip with our friends Erica and Adam to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and Santa Fe. We drove overnight to the Grand Canyon, got there in the afternoon and set up camp on the North Rim - it was about a 3 mile hike into our campsite. Liam did fantastic! It was a 17 or so hour drive out there and he slept most of the way. He loved being carried in his pack, too. We all crashed pretty early that night when the sun went down and woke with the sunrise over the Canyon. Gorgeous.
Scenic view on the drive to our campsite
On the 3 mile hike to the campsite - loaded down.
Started raining as soon as we got to the campsite, but when it ended, this is what we saw.
View from our campsite.
 The next day we had breakfast on the ridge and then went to do a hike that the guys had picked out. The only problem was that it's straight down the canyon, then you have to come back up the canyon. Erica and I  decided about halfway down that it wasn't worth it to climb back up, so we all turned around and went back out. I'm definitely way out of shape and it was so hard on my body. Pretty sure I complained a lot on the way back up.
On the hike down
Since we didn't spend the day hiking like we thought, we went to the lodge in the park and went out on the walkways along the canyon. Daniel and Adam decided to be daring and climbed out to the ledges. When I came walking up I saw a man taking some pictures and stopped to see what he was shooting and I see my husband sitting on rock that sticks out over the canyon. People behind me come walking up and exclaiming - "look at that man!" and I'm like, "yep, that's my husband and father to our child." We did not join him on that rock. After we left the lodge, we decided to drive out to the campsite that we had originally requested, but were denied because of recent fires. It was a drive that only a 4x4 vehicle could make and it took about 2 hours to drive 18 miles. Beautiful views though. And when we got to Point Sublime, well, we now know why the call it Point Sublime.
On the drive out to Point Sublime
Point Sublime
We went back to our campsite in the dark and the next morning we packed up and drove to Zion National Park. We were at a campground "walk-in" site at Zion with a great view of some of the mountains. We didn't do much that evening when we got there other than drive around and set up our camp. The next day we took the bus to the part of the park that they don't allow cars to drive around. We listened as the CD player told us the history behind the park. At the last stop, we got off and took a short walk down back into the mountains.
Liam was so happy to have his frog seat back!
Napping in the tent.
Asleep in the front pack - as always.
After we got back from the bus tour, we drove to another part of the park and took a short hike that overlooked the middle of the park. Again, Daniel and Adam decided to be daring and took a climb out to a piece of rock that was surrounded by large drop offs.
We saw this on our way back to our campsite that night.
The next morning, Daniel and Adam went to hike Angel's Landing, and Erica, Liam, and I went into the town right outside the park to do some souvenir shopping.
View from Angel's Landing
We all met back at the camp for lunch and it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Evidently the forecast was for rain the rest of the day and into the night. I wasn't too happy about keeping Liam outside in that kind of weather and really wanted to go get a hotel. So at the last minute we decided to throw everything into the car and drive to Las Vegas! It was only about 2 hours away. We used priceline and got 2 rooms at Planet Hollywood for $60 each! We cleaned up and went out for dinner. Daniel and I got food at PF Changs and took it back to the room because we knew it was Liam's bedtime and he was going to be fussy if we tried to eat in a restaurant. Plus it was an hour's wait to be seated. We slept in our nice king size bed and had a restful evening. The next morning we drove over to the Pawn Stars' Pawn Shop, stood in line to get in for a little while, then decided it wasn't worth it so we left. They were filming inside, so they hadn't opened up the store yet. We saw all the guys' trucks parked out back though.
View from our hotel room - and the only picture of downtown that we took.
Pawn Stars
We stopped at IHOP for breakfast and unlimited pancakes then headed to the Hoover Dam.

After leaving Hoover Dam, we drove to Santa Fe. On the way, we saw a spot on the map that looked kind of cool. It was site of a meteor crater. It's the most well preserve crater in America. Their slogan "Experience the Impact". Haha. Erica and I are both nurses and we thought that was funny. We decided to stop, but it was $15 per person to get in, so we sent Daniel with the camera and he took video and pictures for us.

We didn't do much in Santa Fe. We spent the night at a hotel and the next morning we went to breakfast at a local restaurant. Then we spent the morning walking around the square. Daniel and I decided that we love Santa Fe and could definitely live there. :) And then it was the 10 or so hour drive home. We made it back around 11pm and got home to the apartment around midnight. It was such a wonderful trip. We were so happy to spend time with our friends Adam and Erica and I'm so glad that Liam did so well! His doctor wasn't very excited that we were taking him camping, but he did just fine.
See how happy he was to go on our trip! 
And then that next weekend, I started back to work at the hospital. I'm working Friday and Sunday nights only as weekend staff. I'm so blessed to have a job that worked with me so that we didn't have to get daycare for Liam. It's hard because I can't really sleep before I go to work on Fridays since Daniel is at work and Liam doesn't take long naps anymore. And Mondays are difficult too because Daniel goes to work when I get home. But I sleep when I can. Moms are made to go on little to no sleep, right?


  1. Kudos to you and Daniel for continuing to travel and camp with a baby! I love how you didn't stop living once you had Liam. You're fitting him into your life, which is how it should be, in my opinion (to an extent at least). And I need to see this little one before he's in kindergarten!!! Let's meet up soon. Please. :)

  2. I LOVE that you took him camping! Glad to know we won't be the only ones doing that whenever we have kids--haha! I love the out west trip; we've been to the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe so far and have loved both. And it rained on us too at the G.C.! Zion looks gorgeous...going to have to add that one to the list! Hope y'all are doing well!