Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Things Pregnancy

For those of you who don't know, I will be having a baby in ONE WEEK! As of last Wednesday, the doctor is planning to induce me at 39 weeks - which is next Tuesday. I go back to see Dr. Lusby on Wednesday and we'll set our date. :) We had an ultrasound last week and he measured a whopping 8 pounds already! As if we had any doubt that he would be a big boy. Daniel and I are so ready to see our little boy and start life with him. He is such a blessing already (even if he does continually kick my ribs and bladder). My mom flew in last week and she stayed with us for a week and has now moved to her own apartment in our community for the next 6 weeks. I'm so thankful to have her here. She has been a huge help already in cleaning - if you know my mom, you know she loves to clean. So come see our apartment now because it will never again look this good! She's been taking care of Jack too - taking him for walks and bathroom breaks and cleaning up whatever messes he can make as he's acting out before the baby comes. 

I've seen a lot of bloggers update on their child's monthly achievements to keep as a journal for later on, so I thought I'd lump a whole lot of my "achievements" in one blog, summing up the entire 9 months.

How far along?  38 weeks!!!
When did you find out? On November 26th (The day after we got home from visiting family for a week) I took a Dollar Tree test but didn’t believe it. I worked that night and kept my mouth shut and the next morning I got a digital test and it said “pregnant”.
First reaction? So excited! But also nervous.
How did you tell your husband? On the 26th I told him I took a test and it looked positive but I wasn’t sure so he scrutinized it and said it was positive, but I still didn’t agree 100%.  That night he called me at work and said there was definitely a second line on the test – 4 hours later – and I told him you can’t go by that. The next morning he was still asleep when I took the digital test and I woke him up and said “congratulations Daddy!” We celebrated by going to see a movie and have dinner that weekend.
How did you tell the grandparents? We skyped our families once we moved into our new apartment and got most of our belongings set up. We showed them around and the last room was our bedroom. We had hung a sign on the wall out of packing paper that said “Baby Bray’s Crib Goes Here!”
First Doctor’s visit? December 6th for bloodwork and then December 23rd for my first OB appointment. We had to make sure everything was okay before I left for a 2 week trip to India.
Due Date? August 2nd, 2011
Prengnacy Symptoms? None really. No morning sickness. No cramping. No weird cravings. No swelling. I’m definitely thankful.
Total weight gain/loss?   Well, in the first 20 weeks, I lost 4 lbs. However, after 20 weeks, I’ve been steadily gaining 2 lbs per week. The doctor isn’t super happy with that, but no blood pressure issues, no edema, and all baby, so she can’t really complain she said. J
Maternity clothes?  I broke out the maternity clothes around 22 weeks. That’s about the time I stopped wearing my pre-maternity jeans. Sad day. But I had a sweet friend who gave me an awesome pair of Gap maternity jeans and they have been my staple item! I refused to buy maternity scrubs, so I borrowed some from the OR one night when I worked back there. I normally wear small scrubs, but I decided to go with the large just in case and they are almost too small for my hips and belly to fit in. Thankfully only one or two more days of work left! I didn’t know my body could stretch this far!
Stretch marks? Yes, another sad day. My mother didn’t have stretch marks so I assumed since everything else in my pregnancy was following hers, that I wouldn’t either. I think I noticed them around 30-33 weeks or so.
Sleep?  What’s that? Haha. I’ve been doing fine for the most part on sleep, unless it’s days that I’m working night shift. I tend to wake up every 3-4 hours to use the bathroom. And that’s also about the time when my body tells me it’s time to turn to the other side because I’m uncomfortable. I miss the days of sleeping on my stomach and being able to turn over in the middle of the night without waking myself up. The stomach sleeping ended around 25 weeks. I get jealous everything I wake up and look at my husband sleeping on his stomach so peacefully.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On! They have fit the entire pregnancy.
Best moment this pregnancy? Oh dear. Definitely seeing our little man on the ultrasound as he wiggled and played with his feet. See the last blog for the video! I can’t believe we were able to capture it on video! And the night that Daniel got to feel the baby kick for the first time. We were in OKC after a Disciple Now in KS staying in a swanky hotel thanks to priceline.com. We probably laid on the bed for an hour just watching my belly roll around.
Movement?  All. The. Time. The first time I think I truly noticed him move was around 21 weeks. Daniel got to feel it the next week. He’s so big now and has so little room that it’s not these cute little fluttering movements – it’s these sharp, quick jabs, punches, and kicks. J He’s ready to come out I think. He doesn’t like when I sit in certain positions or sit in one position for too long and he lets me know.
Food cravings?  Ice. Anything and everything ice. Sno cones, slushies, ice in the cup. Also Sonic coneys. And mozzarella sticks. I went through a chocolate milk phase for a while. I still love a good cheese pizza.
Gender? It’s a boy! We found out at 19w3d.
Name? You wish I would go ahead and put it on here, right? You’ll find out in a week!
Labor signs? There have been plenty! I’ll spare you all the details though. I started having Braxton Hicks around 35 weeks – but just occasionally. They haven’t been painful at all, but are starting to get uncomfortable. I was 1cm dilated at the 35, 36, and 37 week appointments. Hopefully with all the contractions I’ve been having this past week I’ll be somewhat further along.
Working? Yes. I was still working three 12 hour shifts a week until last week and we’re down to two shifts per week. I’ll probably work one more night (this Friday) and then stop.
Belly button in/out? In. Sorta. The top of it pokes out making it look like it’s out under tight shirts. Haha. If I wear my belly band you can’t see it. The weight of my belly just makes the top pop a little.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, and throughout the night. Not hurting when I get off a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Being able to easily put pants and shoes on – it’s so difficult!
What I am looking forward to: Holding our sweet boy in my arms for the first time next week.
Milestones: We went to India while I was 8 weeks pregnant and now we’re having a baby in one week.