Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our 2nd Anniversary

If we love one another, God lives in us,
and his love is made complete in us.
1 John 4:12
 We have officially been married for 2 years now! I cannot believe how much we have accomplished in 2 years, where we have been, all the things we have done, and how much our love has grown in 2 years. We are soon to be parents of a precious little boy. We've been to China and India. Loved on orphans and university students. We've climbed mountains (literal and figurative). We've made some amazing new friends. We started as the CARES team at our apartment community. We paid off a large chunk of debt. Daniel got a job. Daniel is over halfway finished with his seminary training here in the States.  And I'm sure there's a lot more but those are the big things that I can think of right now. 

 I am truly blessed to have Daniel as my husband. He is my best friend, my support, my encourager, my shoulder to cry on. He looks to the Lord for his guidance and strength. He is the head of our household and holds Christ and the church as his example. God definitely knew what he was doing that day in Atlanta when he allowed Daniel and I to run into each other on the streets during the Passion Conference. It's so amazing to see where we've come from and to see our "plans" for the future. (I say "plans" because of course, our goal is to let God lead us and we have no idea what changes will be made one day.) 

We celebrated last night at Texas de Brazil and we ate meat, meat, and more meat! Haha, a pregnant girl's dream! It was pretty cool, they have a fancy salad bar and then they have waiters that walk around to each table and cut the meat right off the skewer/knife. You have a little card that you flip over if you are ready for more meat and they will just start hounding your table offering you this and that. It's all you can eat by the way. And when you think you're finished then they bring out this incredible looking dessert tray to try and entice you. If I wasn't pregnant I don't think I could have handled as much meat as I ate last night. After dinner we took a short walk through the Fort Worth Water Garden before all the fountains were turned off. Such a fun night of celebrating!
Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!
I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. Little mister is growing and growing and growing and taking over my body and mind. I'm having check ups every 2 weeks and everything has been right on target according to the doctor. I go again on Wednesday and I'll have some more blood drawn and get registered at the hospital. We've signed up for all our classes - prepared childbirth, CPR/safety, breastfeeding, and "baby basics".  In about a month I'll start working 2 days a week and only do weekend shifts. Daniel is taking Hebrew this summer and he's been studying so hard! He's got to learn a language in 10 weeks when most students have the opportunity to spread it out over 30 weeks. He had his first test today (after only 4 classes which is equivalent to 12 classes). Hopefully Little Mister's arrival won't interfere with his final in Hebrew.  

We've been working a lot of getting everything ready for Little Mister. His bag is packed for the hospital, but mine is yet to be thought of. All the toys and clothes are put away. Crib and bedding and pack-n-play are all arranged. But my favorite thing lately is the canvas/wall hanging to go above his bed and on the hospital door when he's born. It's got spaces for date, time, height and weight, with some little zoo animals holding the signs. And of course it's got his name! :) Which is why I can't put a picture up.  You only have 49 more days, give or take. If I can make it without telling you can make it without forcing me to tell.
 33 weeks! I took this picture after eating the huge meal at Texas de Brazil so I'm slightly larger than I normally am.


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