Thursday, June 30, 2011

The home stretch....

This picture above is a still shot from a recent ultrasound. Want to see Little Mister's first home video? It's a video recording some of the ultrasound set to some music. :) He's so cute!

Speaking of stretch, I did not know that my belly could do what it's done. I had really hoped that my mom's genes were passed on to me in the "not getting stretch marks" department, but no such luck. They aren't bad so hopefully they will go away after LM is born. I'm 35 weeks along, meaning I have less than 5 weeks now until our little one arrives! Yikes! It's just around the corner. It makes it all the more real knowing that my sweet friend Emily is going to deliver her precious little girl on July 3rd if all goes according to plan. She'll be about 3 weeks early but the doctors don't want Emily to go any longer than she has to for her sake and the baby's. Prayers are definitely surrounding her family right now! I so wish I could be there for her little girl's debut to the world, but I doubt my doctor would approve of me traveling 8 hours away to MS right now. I go back to doctor on Friday and then I'll start going every week until he arrives! At 37 weeks I'll get another ultrasound to check position and see what all's going on with him and maybe figure out just how big he may end up being.

We went to the beach for Mother's Day and poor Daniel had to suffer through Father's day at home. Sorry! But I think he enjoyed it. :) His gift came in the mail the Saturday before and he couldn't wait to open it, so he did. Haha. I got him a t-shirt that says "I'm the Daddy" that he can wear at the hospital with LM is born. He also got a book to read to LM and a book to read for himself. He's been reading all of my books on babies and pregnancy and the birthing experience, so I decided to buy him one that is geared toward the dad. He actually really likes it! It's got a lot of good information as well as funny stuff too to keep him entertained. On Sunday we went out for BBQ at Springcreek (one of Daniel's new favorite places). Ribs and beef, yes please! With hot rolls and ice cream for dessert. :)

The Saturday before Father's Day we had a CARES event - the Backyard Bash. We had lots of different businesses help us out with this event by donating different things. And it was a huge success! We had so much fun with the 150 something people that showed up at our pool that afternoon. We had an inflatable slip-n-slide, BBQ, a band, and lots of give-a-ways. My body was definitely feeling the pain after working Friday night, sleeping for a few hours, then setting up, hosting, and cleaning up. We relaxed in the pool when everything was said and done at 10pm that night.

Then this past Friday night we took a group from the Coventry to the Rangers vs. Mets game. It was my first Rangers game. I can't believe that I have lived here for a year and a half and haven't been to a game yet. Our friends Adam and Erica went with us as well as some good friends from the Coventry. It was great to hang out with some of the residents outside the apartments. Rangers won and the hotdogs and nachos were fantastic. Haha. All I ever think about is food these days. After the game we watched a wonderful fireworks show over the stadium. Daniel and I totally used the pregnancy to our advantage for the first time. When we got there, we parked a long way away and tried to get a courtesy cart to pick us up and take us to the front gate, but no one was answering their radio so we ended up just walking. On the way out of the stadium after the game we stopped to put our name on the list for a ride and the guy looked at us and said, "Is one of you disabled?" I pointed to my belly and said, "I'm almost 9 months pregnant, does that count?" I don't think he found it very funny, but he put us on the list anyway.

This past weekend my sweet friends in Fort Worth hosted a baby shower for me. It was so good to see everyone in one place again - they were all from my old church that disbanded in April. I'm so blessed to have such great friends! They did a camping theme and it was precious! Daniel loved it. The cake was adorable, with a tent, campfire, sleeping bags... well, just see for yourself:
I mean, how cute! And decorated with wildflowers from the side of the road. :) I have such frugal friends! The rest of the table was cute too!
The watermelon had little toothpicks with scrabooking stickers that all related to camping and being outdoors. And homemade lemonade. Mmmm. 

Speaking of lemonade, I have a new favorite craving. I've been in LOVE with anything with crushed ice lately. Or just ice that I can eat. (Don't worry, my iron levels are fine according to the doctor.) So we've found some awesome sno cone places and there is another pregoo couple who live in our apartments and the wife is also always craving sno cones. Her name's Amanda too. And they are from Mississippi. But they are Ole Miss fans. Bleh. We like to tease each other. So we've been bonding over sno cones recently. But back to the lemonade. I can't just run out all the time to get sno cones so I've started making my own slush. Daniel used to make them for me on occasion, but now that I've figured it out I make them all. the. time. I think I had 3 last night. And my favorite recipe is to put lemonade mix in them. :) Lemonade slush and mozzarella sticks hot out of the oven. Yes please. So I guess I have an official craving of this pregnancy.
This is a honeydew.


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