Monday, May 30, 2011

Updates on Little Mister and Travels

I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant. Wow. I only have 9 more weeks to go before our little boy arrives. Crazy! I'm officially in my third trimester and this child has taken over my body. He's constantly pushing on my bladder, kicking my ribs, causing me major indigestion/heartburn, and keeping me up at night due to not being able to get comfortable. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Okay, well, maybe I would, but it's totally worth it in the end from what I hear. :) Daniel has been such a huge help lately and I couldn't be more thankful for such a wonderful husband. I'm truly blessed. He's done laundry, cooked dinners, cleaned up the apartment, and taken great care of me and Jack.
Month 7 is apparently weeks 29-32 and Little Mister is as big as a squash.
A little over a week ago, I scheduled myself to have 7 days off in a row and Daniel was off for his break before summer school starts (he's taking Turbo Hebrew - yikes!) so we decided to travel home to MS and AL for some family time. My doctor said after 30 weeks she really didn't want me going too far from Fort Worth. We stopped in MS first and spent a few days with the family. On Saturday I went to a ladies brunch at their church and then the Bray family had a baby shower for Daniel and I. We got so many sweet gifts from close friends and family. I can't believe how blessed we are to have so many people who care about us and showered us with gifts and blessings. It was wonderful to see everyone in one place. We had so many gifts though that we couldn't bring them all home with us because we had Jack, and we also brought Daniel's little brother (I say little and he's bigger than me!) home to TX with us, but Daniel's mom is going to bring all the gifts when she comes to pick Nathan up this weekend. My mom was even able to come to MS for the baby shower and she stayed the night.
Daniel's mom, Sharon
My mom, Liz
All the sweet gifts.
On Sunday, we headed to Tuscaloosa to spend some time with my parents. It was a little surreal going home and seeing the tornado damage from a month ago. Sections of town completely gone, buildings flattened, homes destroyed, belongings scattered all over. And then, while we were at home, we saw the news about Joplin, MO being hit by a tornado which is where my mom was born and were we used to shop when we lived in Oklahoma. I'm very thankful that my family is okay and they personally were not affected by the tornadoes. I know that the Lord has his hand in all of this and that even through the devastation it's all for his glory ultimately. It's been amazing to see all the people who have been helping clean up and making donations to those who were affected - all the aide organizations and churches have really stepped up in Tuscaloosa.

While we were in AL, I got to spend some time with some of my friends from high school. It was wonderful to see them, I just wish all the girls in our "group" had been in town. It was fun to catch up and we are all starting new journeys in life this fall. Allison recently got engaged and is planning her wedding for this August (which means I won't be in attendance, sad). Betsy has been engaged for a while, but she's getting married in September. And Faith is starting law school this fall! And of course, I'm having a baby. 
Me, Allison, Betsy, and Faith

I got to spend lots of time with my mom and do a little shopping for me and the baby. We celebrated my birthday a few days early with some yummy cupcakes from Celebrations Bakery. And I got to eat at all my favorite restaurants. Lana (a friend from college) was in town with her husband to get their 4d ultrasound so we met them for lunch one day at Cypress Inn. Lana is also having a boy, John Mark, and he is due a week after Little Mister!
A little something from Grandma Liz :)
My birthday cupcakes!
Lana (and John Mark!)
We got home on Wednesday, I worked Wednesday and Thursday night. Then my birthday was on Friday. I got home from work that morning and Daniel has fixed me breakfast and gave me my gifts. He's never bought me clothes before so he tried and he did good! (it doesn't fit well, but it's still cute!) He also got me an edible bouquet of fruit which included chocolate covered strawberries! Such a sweet husband. I'm so lucky! I slept most of the day, woke up at 3pm, went shopping to get all our supplies for our CARES event on Saturday, and that night we met some friends at Olive Garden for dinner. It wasn't a long birthday since I slept most of the day, but it was definitely wonderful!

Daniel and Nathan have been having a good time together. Nathan has been going to work with Daniel at the framing shop and Daniel's boss has been putting Nathan to work (and paying him which is even better!). They left on Sunday afternoon to go camping and rock climbing with a few of Daniel's friends while I work the holiday weekend. Nathan has never been camping or climbing so I'm sure he'll love it. Daniel starts his Hebrew class on Tuesday and he's working throughout the week so hopefully Nathan won't be too bored. They've been playing lots of video games and watching Netflix. I guess that's what brothers like to do. :) Sharon will be here on Saturday to pick Nathan up and she'll stay the night with us and leave Sunday. 

So no more traveling for us. We're stuck in the Fort Worth area for the next two months. We'll have plenty to keep us busy though as we prepare for Little Mister! I'm starting to go every 2 weeks now to the doctor and we'll have another ultrasound at 37 weeks - yay!!! I can't wait to see our little boy again!

In other news: I gave Daniel a haircut. Haha. More like I sheered his head. :/ It didn't turn out bad. But it's definitely different. We've been talking about buying some clippers and letting me cut his hair for a while now. It's at least $20 each time he goes for a haircut, and he could honestly stand one every 4-6 weeks (his hair grows ridiculously fast!). And with plans to go on the mission field and not knowing where we'll be, we knew one day I would end up cutting his hair. Well we found a hair cutting set at Costco for $30 so we bought it a few weeks ago. Daniel kept complaining about his hair being too long and too hot for the summer so I watched a few youtube videos and started sheering. He trimmed up his beard after the haircut and he actually looks pretty good! 
Hair no more.

And bare with me as I try to redesign the blog. It's been too long, I have a need for change lately.

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