Monday, May 30, 2011

Babymoon in Port Aransas

At the beginning of the month Daniel, Jack, and I headed down south for a vacation to the beach in Port Aransas. We dubbed this little trip our "babymoon" - aka the last trip you take as just man and wife (because the next time it will be as mom and dad). We debated for weeks on whether to go to the beach or to rent a cabin in the hill country and ultimately, last minute that is, decided on the beach. (Yeah, we called the lady on Thursday and asked if we could come on Friday - thankfully she was very nice, had availability, and gave us a special for Mother's day!) I worked Thursday night and Friday morning we packed the car, loaded Jack, and hit the road for a 7 hour carride - should have only taken 5.5 hours but Daniel took the senic route. We rented a little condo just a block from the beach and spent 4 days relaxing and eating some good food. Jack was even allowed on the beach and he had the best time chasing seagulls.

We got in on Friday afternoon, unpacked, and went to find food. We ended up at a local (but very popular) restaurant on the bay called Virginia's. Very overpriced, but the food was good and we got to see a lot of boats on the water. Later that night Jack got his first experience on the beach. He was so scared of the waves washing in and each time they came in it freaked him out and he would try to run away.

Saturday we went out to the beach for a few hours. Daniel played in the waves and dug holes in the sand while I laid in the sun getting as much of a tan as possible. Poor Daniel came home sunburned though. After a few hours in the sun, we cleaned up and drove over to Corpus Christi to go to the aquarium (the dolphin show made the price totally worth it!) and ended up at an oyster bar for dinner. The food was fabulous and my third trimester indigestion/heartburn was rampant that night because I ate so much. We stopped by an Super HEB grocery store to pick up some food and cookie dough (for my cravings). Coolest grocery store ever. Jack did much better on the beach this night and decided that he has a love for chasing seagulls. 
Daniel out in the waves.
Daniel dug a hole.
At the aquarium.
Daniel and his oysters.
Jack loves birds.

Sunday we relaxed in the morning and watched TV and then went to play disc golf. We took Jack with us and he had a great time running and playing in the woods. At the end of the course was a lake and Jack ran straight in and just laid in the water. On the way to to disc golf we passed lots of little "private" sandy beaches on the bay so we decided to go find one so that we could let Jack off his leash to run and play some more. The other beaches were nice, but they had leash laws. We found a semi-private area (there were some guys dirt biking and then about 10 minutes after we arrived some people showed up to go fishing). We laid in the shallow water and relaxed while Jack chased fish and hermit crabs. We cooked dinner at the condo and watched Netflix and passed out from the long day.

Monday was our last day. We had lunch at a local "hole in the wall" restaurant with only 8 tables in the building. We went back out to the beach and played in the waves. The sea grass was ridiculous after the weekend. It was piled up on the shore about 2 feet deep. I was a little sunburned from the previous day so we put up our umbrella and I found a hole that someone else had dug and made a makeshift sand chair out of. It was quite funny watching Daniel chase the umbrella down the beach - twice. I wish I had a video clip. After the beach we cooked dinner at the condo and watched TV and packed. 7 am came all to early the next day and it was so sad to have to leave our vacation and come back to the real world. We had wonderful weather and such a great time just the two of us. However, we look forward to many more vacations with our little boy! Hopefully next year we can get all of our friends together who are having babies/planning to have babies by next summer and we can all go down together. :)
28 weeks!
We're so excited for Little Mister to get here and go on family vacations with us!

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