Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Blessings

The craziness of March is now over, and the insanity of April has just begun!

March was such a busy month for the Brays with trips home to see family and friends, weekend visits from out of town friends , CARES stuff, church/Bible studies, doctors' visits, classes, tests, and work. But we survived, only to be greeted the first weekend of April with a trip to Mulvane, Kansas. I have a feeling that April will be just as crazy and crunched for time.

Daniel and I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas to serve as leaders for a Disciple Now. The awesome part about this trip was that the pastor of the church and the youth pastor, were once Daniel's youth pastor and youth intern back in his high school days. We had so much fun catching up and I was able to finally meet the men who helped to make Daniel the man that he is today. :) So thankful for Cody and Asa! Daniel and I both had high school students and we loved every minute of it. He had a group of about 12 boys and I had 8 girls. It was amazing to see how God worked on my girls' hearts in a matter of about 36 hours. We had a great speaker who spoke on the "plot twist" of the Bible - being Jesus, and how the Bible foreshadowed all through the Old Testament about Christ's coming. The kid really got involved and opened up during discussions and loved how he related his material in a way they could understand - the Bible as a movie.

After a long weekend with very little sleep we ended up saying in Oklahoma City on Sunday night since we never got our weekend away to San Antonio (thanks again snow storm). Thanks to Priceline we got a great price on a nice hotel and stayed a block away from Bricktown. We went out that night for dinner at Abuelo's, got frozen yogurt, and went back to hotel where we crashed. The awesome thing of the night was that Daniel finally got to feel Little Mister kick! We sat for about an hour before we went out to dinner and watched him move around and kick me. It was surreal. Kinda weird too, but very awesome! I've been able to experience him moving around for a week now, but it was Daniel's first time so it was very special. :)

And now we're back to our routine in Fort Worth. Work, school, and CARES. We had a pizza party event last night for our building and it was nice to spend time with our neighbors and meet some who we hadn't had the opportunity to talk with yet. We'll be doing a Focus Night for Japan this Sunday and we'll be having an Easter Party for our neighbors with brunch and lots of hidden candy-filled eggs. We're excited about April in our community!

On another note, we will be searching for a new church starting this Sunday. After about 3 years, The Cross (our church since we moved here) decided to disband for various reasons. The decision was made this past Sunday (while we were still in KS) and we were very sad that we weren't able to be there for our last Sunday with our church. We have made some incredible friends through our church and I know those relationships won't change, but it's going to be hard not seeing them each week on Sundays or participating in evangelism or Bible study on Wednesdays with them. But we are excited to see where God leads us! :)

And I'm 24 weeks now! :) He's moving and kicking and making his presence known!

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  1. I know that the girls and I loved having you be a part of our small group for the weekend! The other night we saw Melissa's little girl kick and it was awesome but weird at the same time too! Hope you have a great week!