Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a ...

Can you believe it!?! We can't. We're officially super excited about being parents! It's so surreal. We are so blessed beyond measure with this special gift. We're currently calling him "Little Mister" because we're saving the name till he actually arrives in the world.

We found out on March 10th, just in time to go home and visit both of our families for a long weekend. Such a wonderful time with family and many many friends! We went to Tuscaloosa first to see the Hamilton family and some of my friends from high school. The girls had a great time catching up and eating at Iguana Grill (yummy Mexican food!) and got cupcakes from GiGi's Cupcakes for dessert. My mom and I spent all of their time shopping for the new baby and racking up on some deals on clothing and things. Let's just say this will be a well dressed little boy - and it was all cheap which makes it so much better! Sunday we headed to Jackson to meet some of Daniel's college friends and some of their wives. They drove from Hattiesburg, New Orleans, and Vicksburg to all be together. It was a great night of catching up over dinner and taking pictures. I got to spend time with Emily who is also pregnant with her little girl, Eden Grace, and she is just a few weeks/days further than I am.

After dinner we headed to Pelahatchie to see Daniel's family and to see Daniel's little brother, Nathan, off on his very first overseas mission trip. He went to Costa Rica for his spring break vacation. We spent lots of time visiting with family and relaxing. on Tuesday, my mom drove over to go shopping with us and Daniel's mother. We bought Little Mister's stroller and car seat! We love it. It may not be top of the line, but it'll get the job done. And we don't plan to use it that much, too bulky, and it's considered a light weight stroller.

We had such a wonderful trip home to visit the families, we don't get to do it nearly often enough. We hope to go back in May or June before the baby comes to have some showers and spend more time with people.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. According to, I'm in the 5th month, but everything else I read says that I'm at the end of the 5th month... but this gives you an estimate of how big Little Mister currently is. I've been stressing a little lately because I haven't been feeling Little Mister move around like all of my other pregnant friends are feeling their little ones. I fell like occasionally I'll think he's moving, but then I really think it's more my tummy rumbling or gas bubbles or something. HOWEVER, yesterday, while I was sleeping before I went to work, I felt him MOVE! Like for real move. Kicks and all. Such a joyful experience. And all night at work I'd feel him flip and roll and wiggle. So so so so happy! I can't believe it. The other day, Daniel had his hand on my belly and I laughed and he thought Little Mister kicked and Daniel's face was priceless! He was ecstatic... and then he realized it was me moving, not the baby. Slightly disappointing for him.

I've been having a blast organizing all the clothes that we've bought and what people have already generously given us. I've washed all the hand me downs and they are all hanging according to size and style in our guest closet. The dresser with all of his things is organized and ready for all the other things that friends will be passing on to us. On our to-do list is the baby registry and childbirthing classes. I can't wait to take Daniel with me to do both of those things! :)