Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink or Blue?

I'm happy to announce that we will *hopefully* find out the gender of this precious child growing inside me on March 10th! Don't ask what it is though on that day or for that week after because we won't tell you. :) Daniel and I plan to go home for a few days during that week to see our families and tell them the good news and then when we return to Texas we'll have a party with our friends and tell them; and then we'll tell the rest of the world. We are so excited to spend time with our family! Even if it's just for a few days. Shopping Shopping Shopping! That's what I plan to do since we'll hopefully know if the baby is a boy or girl! Praying that Baby Bray cooperates with the nice sonogram people.

18 weeks today! Can you believe it? I can't. The baby is apparently about the size of a sweet potato this week. I still haven't noticed if the baby is moving around or not - at least I don't notice anything different at this time. I know it'll come. For not gaining weight these past 4 months, I sure feel like I've put on some pounds recently just by the looks of my growing belly. Depending on what I wear it's very apparent that I'm pregnant now (especially after I've eaten a large meal). Growing Amanda means growing Baby so I'm okay with that. I can still wear my pre-prego jeans but I'm not comfortable at all wearing shirts that aren't super loose fitting. Bring on the maternity clothes!

Life has been good lately. Daniel and I continue to stay busy with work, school, church, and CARES. On occasion we find time for friends and ourselves. Very rare though. We can't believe February will be gone in one more day. We've started a Bible study in our home now. Someone else is teaching, but we're providing the space. It's been wonderful to fellowship in our living room with our church family.

CARES has been great this past month! We're trying to reach out more to our neighbors rather that just do our events and visits. We want to be their friends and get to know them personally, and we can't do that during the events. This February I had 3 of the moms that I've been seeing a lot come over to the apartment for breakfast and their girls got to play in our living room. (Note to self: kid-proof the house!) Haha. There is a man from Morocco living in our apartments who is here until the end of March and we have become friends with him. He and his roommate invited us to their apartment for a traditional Moroccan dinner this past Saturday. I wish I had my camera! He was decked out in his traditional white robe and hat and made us a 5 course meal. Problem was he didn't tell us there were 5 courses so we filled up on the first one and then he brought more and more and more out. I can officially say that I have no tried lamb's tongue. Yes, that's right. The pregnant girl was able to choke down a bite of lamb's tongue. I can hardly believe it myself. It was very chewy and didn't have a whole lot of flavor. But Daniel ate his and mine. There were lots of vegetables and a type of beef roast and some chicken. I can't believe our friend did all of that for us and the CARES team that lives down the road (they met at a December event and they took him to to their church one Sunday and have been friends ever since - he participates in all their events at their complex as well as ours). And next month the plan is to have some our Indian neighbors over to our apartment for dinner. One family that we met is very interested to meet the other Indian families in our community so we offered to have a dinner one night for the families that we know. This is the fun part about CARES - getting to know our neighbors and connecting them with one another. Paperwork, not so much fun, organizing and cleaning up, not so much fun, building relationships, lots of fun! March is going to be a busy month, but we're ready!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on Life and Baby Bray!

The India post will just have to wait until I have some free time (wait, what's that again?) to actually sit down and sort out pictures and stories. If you care to see pictures you can go to my facebook page and find them there. I felt like updating the world on the pregnancy and what life has been like since we've been back from India.

After arriving on January 12, Daniel returned to school and work that Thursday and I returned to my job as well; and we officially started as the CARES team. And life hasn't stopped since. We haven't quite found our rhythm in managing all that is going on in our lives, and we're about to pick up a few more things to top it off. Bible study will start in our apartment this Wednesday and eventually we'll start working on getting the children's program up and running for our church. Hopefully we'll launch the first weekend in March - we've been talking about it since last summer. Couple time took a backseat for a while as we hardly ever saw each other unless it was in passing - and then the snow came. :) I did have to work the first 3 nights of the first snow/ice storm which was very interesting. I remember snow from last year, but it wasn't icy and my car did not do very well with the ice. Around 2am on Tuesday morning while I was working we started noticing sleet and snow coming down. When I left that morning at 7:30am it ended up taking me an hour to get home (and I only live 15 minutes from the hospital) because I couldn't make it up any of the hills. Made it home, slept through the day, went back to work, repeat x1 more night, and then I had Thursday-Monday off. Daniel had planned a romantic weekend to San Antonio which got canceled due to the nice surprise of 4 inches of snow on the ground Friday morning. I've never seen him so upset over snow. So we spent some time cleaning the apartment, eating out a lot, and spending quality time with Netflix and each other. Jack didn't know what to do having both of us home for 4 days in a row.

That Sunday night was a CARES event - Super Bowl Party! We had a great time getting to know residents and watching the game. And this past Friday we had a Kid's Valentine's Craft night where kids could come and make gifts and cards for their parents. We did not get paint on the carpet or the couches either - success! Three year olds and paint are not a great combination, lesson learned. We've been attempting to make visits and meet neighbors and that has been a lot of fun; what is not so fun is walking up to the third floor in each building.

Daniel has begun training for Adventure Racing. Sometime at the end of March there is a race near Houston that he entered. It consists of hiking (not leisurely, but with a goal in mind), mountain biking, and canoeing. One of our friends here is entering with him as his teammate and they are pumped.

And me. I work. I CARE. I watch my stomach grow. :) It seems to grow more after I've just eaten food. I don't look pregnant yet, I just look like I'm getting fat. But in a few days I'll be at week 16! I cannot believe it! Apparently my baby is gaining the ability to hear my voice and other noises outside the womb which makes me super excited! To give you some relevance of how big it is:
This is an avocado. Our baby is the size of an avocado at this time. How cool is that? The baby is also moving a lot more and between week 16 and 20 I should be able to start to feel it moving. :-D Also excited about that one! I hope it plays nice in the womb and doesn't want to be a ninja or something. 3-4 more weeks and we should know the gender! But don't ask the name, we're not telling. We're gonna come up with something fun to call the baby until it's birth-day. I can't believe that God is allowing us this experience right now. We're so blessed to have moved into our apartment, begun this CARES program, and have the support of our friends and family at this time. God has been so good lately in providing. All the praise and glory to Him.