Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Bray

Well, we're pregnant. Or well, I'm pregnant. Almost 12 weeks at this time. (First trimester almost done!) Daniel and I got to see the baby for the first time before we left for India (more on India later). Eeek! We have one baby, 2 arms, 2 legs and yolk sac (and a growing placenta somewhere in there). And perfect flutter of a tiny little heart. To think that there is this little tiny person/miracle growing inside my body and I am it's sole means of nourishment and protection. God is so good in his timing!

So, from the beginning: We found out that I was pregnant on November 27th. Yay! I went to a pregnancy clinic because my doctor couldn't see me for a week and they gave me all kinds of information and another pregnancy test (positive in like 5 seconds!). A week after that (December 6th) I went to the doctor and had blood work done - everything looked great. Then they scheduled me for my first sonogram on December 23rd. We told our family somewhere between the blood work and the sonogram after we moved into our new apartment. We skyped them so that they could see our new place and we saved our bedroom for last. The space where the chest of drawers would have gone is empty and we hung a sign on the wall that said "Baby Bray's Crib Goes Here!" My mom just goes "Wow, Are you trying to tell me something? Wow." We had a bad connection with Daniel's family and the video kept cutting out so eventually we just put the camera on the sign and waited until the video was working again. It worked for a split second then cut out and the phone started ringing. The future grandparents are definitely excited!

As far as pregnancy symptoms, so far it's been great! My mother said she was never really sick when she was pregnant with me. I'm exhausted constantly. Prior to India I was going to bed around 8pm most nights and I would get very, very, very tired when I'm working a 12 hour night shift. (No caffeine for me anymore, good-bye coca-cola!) Occasionally I would just feel funny, but not really nauseous, just different. I can become an emotional wreck and the drop of a hat. I've found myself crying for no reason and just getting upset over a very minor comment that didn't really have any intention of hurting me, but it did. Thanks hormones. So far all the clothes still fit. I don't feel pretty most of the time. All I want to wear is scrubs and sweats. I'm starting to show and I have a little "pudge" of a belly. It's not very cute right now. I can only imagine what's to come. Daniel and I pray that the pregnancy continues to go well and that the baby will grow and get bigger and bigger each day! It's incredible to read the descriptions of what's going on inside my body and with the baby each week. God us intricately knitting this child inside my womb. What a joy this is! (Please remind me of that if I ever start barfing and then again when the kid is a teenager.)

I go back to the doctor next Friday and I get to hear the heartbeat for the first time! (You can only see it on the sonogram, nothing audible.) I'm also very thankful to have some very good friends of mine who are also pregnant with me. I have someone (well, multiple someones) to go through the new experiences and phases of pregnancy with. Such a blessing! More updates to come about Baby Bray!