Saturday, November 27, 2010

November in a Nutshell

Going, going, going... seems to be all we do. November has been full of travels and very little time for much else other than work. We celebrated Daniel's birthday the weekend of the 12th - yes, he got a full weekend for his birthday. We drove up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to camp and attempt fly fishing. Key word: attempt.

Daniel was pretty awesome at the whole thing, but the fish just weren't interested. There was a folk festival at the state park that weekend and we enjoyed some amazing fair food, cute crafts, and folk music. The food was a nice break from canned soups and oatmeal. Jack went with and enjoyed every minute of the trip. He's such a good travel companion and a great guard dog - especially in the middle of the night when he hears racoons in the woods and wakes the entire camp up.

Some of the pretty fall colors!

We got home on Monday afternoon, I worked Monday and Tuesday night, and then I flew to Birmingham, AL on Wednesay for Erika's wedding. Prior to making it to the airport, my car decided to be difficult and breakdown at a gas station. Thank goodness for good friends who are willing to drive in rush hour traffic to take me to the airport in Dallas! Thursday, Kristen and I shopped and prepared for Erika's lingerie party; Friday we decorated the church and reception hall. Erika and Chadwick got married at Tannehill State Park in a 100 year old church and had the reception at an old school house.

The happy couple and us!

The decorations were beautiful and we had a lot of fun putting everything together. They did a rustic themed wedding with grape-vine wreaths and mason jars with candles. I became a master crafter that weekend as I helped make all the bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids, I decorated tables, and made/hung chandeliers made out of the wreaths and mason jars.
We decorated the chalkboards in the schoolhouse with pictures and Bible verses. We had more than enough to eat at Johnny Carino's after the rehearsal. The wedding was at 6pm on Saturday and it was a beautiful fall evening. Everything turned out perfect and Erika and Chadwick drove off after running under a tunnel of sparklers - slightly dangerous, but it made for some amazing pictures!

Daniel and I helped pack up some stuff from the wedding and then we made our way to Tuscaloosa to spend some time with my family.

Sunday included Cypress Inn (one of Daniel's favorite places to eat in T-town) and lots of shopping. We got to spend some time with some of my high school friends that night at a new yogurt place, it was great to catch up with them. After lunch and a little more shopping on Monday, Daniel and I headed back to Pelahatchie to spend time with his family. We had a big Thanksgiving meal Monday night and then spent time with family on Tuesday. Daniel had taken my engagement/wedding rings to the jeweler to get them fixed and I went to pick them up on Tuesday and spent time with my friend Brooke - this was much needed in my life! We headed home on Wednesday after stopping in Vicksburg to see Brett and Laura Beth and Kelty. Jack still really likes Kelty (He came with us, but stayed in MS the whole time with Daniel's parents).

That left work on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

On another note, we found out that we got a CARES placement while we were traveling! It is for an apartment complex near our house that we currently live in. It's huge! They already have a team, but they are leaving this week and want a smooth transition into a new team, so hopefully we will get to interview with management seomtime this week. We are so excited about this new journey! This placement will keep us in Fort Worth for 2 more years, but we are ok with that. We're excited to see what God has in store for us over the next 2 years here, and what he has for us after that!

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