Monday, October 18, 2010

Happiness in Autumn

I just love fall weather. Leaves changing. SEC football. Long-sleeve t-shirts. Cheaper utilities because NOTHING is on and all the windows are open in the house. Pumkins everything. Mums. Allergies. Yep, fall is awesome.

Not too much has been going on in the Bray Household. We're awaiting the holidays so we can visit our families. Of course, holidays are not on the real holidays as I'm a nurse and I'm required to work various major holidays (and I'm taking off for both New Years Eve and Day so we can go to India) but it's all about the family time and the purpose, not necessarily the exact date. I will be flying home prior to Thanksgiving for a friend's wedding weekend and then Daniel will eventually join me and we'll go visit our families and eat some good food; and I'm attempting to schedule off a 6 day period so we can go home again before Christmas (and get more good food). I just love the holidays!

Daniel has been working hard in school - lots of reading, testing, and studying. If you want to talk theology, he's your man. We've had numerous nights of seminary couples over to our house to discuss what everyone is studying. The wives learn so much through our husbands. Speaking of wives, I'm also through with the seminary wives class. Yay! I haven't learned too much that I didn't feel like I already knew (but now it's written down and ready for teaching as a missionary wife!), but it's been enjoyable to get to know some of the other women and I'm getting to know some of the international wives. Some of the material that I've received I'll try to use while I'm in India during the women's studies. Other than that my life revolves around working at the hospital. I've worked several weekends now and I don't get to spend nearly as much time with our friends as I used to.

Daniel had his first preaching experience a few Sundays ago. He was asked to preach a Sunday morning worship service at a local hospital about 30 minutes away. Many others have preached on previous Sundays but no one ever attended. We had 3 nurses who joined us and Daniel preached the whole book of Colossians in 45 minutes.
India is still in the picture right now. We sent off for our Visas back in September so we're patiently waiting for those to return. In the meantime, God is still giving up little bits of encouragment in various ways. I've recently found out that two respiratory therapists that I work with are from Kerala State (where we will be going) and they have been a wealth of knowledge about culture and what to expect. Both are very excited that I get to visit their home and they've given me lots of ideas on things to do while we're there. God is providing the money little by little. We started out by selling a bunch of books and DVDs that we don't need and we raised about $300 just from that. We are including all of the extra money that I make at work that is not "normal" pay (such as overtime and rewards). And yesterday I counted change that we've been collecting for the past few months and we had $48. We're planning to do a garage sale sometime this fall and Daniel has agreeed that all of his Birthday money is going to help pay for the trip, along with all of our Christmas money. Tickets are crazy expensive. The cost of being there won't be much, but getting there is the issue. If anyone wants to buy a handmade pen/pencil from Daniel, all that money will go toward India - great for Christmas gifts! We had a friend buy a pen and pencil that match for about $50 - but that's depending on the wood and pen kit. We do special orders and bulk orders! :)

We still haven't heard anything about the CARES program yet, we're waiting to see if they have an apartment complex for us by the end of the year. We would love to participate in this ministry if it's where the Lord wants us to serve. Either way, we'll most likely need to find a new place to live next January because this house is just too expensive for us to be trying to live and save money at the same time.

God is good and he continues to bless us each day. We still love life and love being married and living in Texas. We miss our friends and family at home of course, but we know this is where God wants us for now. Please be in prayer about the trip to India.

My verse for the week:

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbor, "Go, and come again, tomorrow I will give it"—when you have it with you." Proverbs 3:27-28 -- Love God. Love People.

Friday, October 1, 2010


David Platt : Radical Series
Listen/Watch/Learn/Grow/Be Challenged

"Suffering. Rejoicing. Squalor. Beauty. Love. Pain."
This young woman faces challenges every day. She sees a lot of pain and suffering, hurt and hopelessness, hunger and abuse; but shares her joy in the Lord and continues to praise Him through it all .

Lord, I simply desire to be used by you each day that you allow me life. No matter how big or how small it may seem. Teach me. Grow me. Show me. Allow me to love others as you love me.