Friday, September 17, 2010

God is good.

It's looking more and more like we're going to India. We asked God to provide if it's His will. And he's beginning to. We received $1000 in about a week. Some because of sacrifices we made, but more because God is just that good. My boss has given me permission to have off work for 2 more weeks. I've got overtime shifts scheduled to help pick up some extra costs. Now we're on to applying for our visas and seeing if the country will allow us access. :) Yay! My mom has been worried about "problems" in India that she's heard about. I've prayed about that as well. I definitely want to go somewhere safe, but at the same time, God may not send us to a safe place one day. We must be bold and faithful that He will provide and that he will watch over us. But the majority of the problems are in the small towns in Northern India and we will be the southern part and in a larger town. We're excited about what's to come!
This week has been ICP (international church planting) week at the seminary. All the chapel services have been about mission work. Monday night we went to the seminary for a meeting with some European missionaries and some reps from the IMB. The missionaries shared some stories about what God is doing in their country and the rep talked about application process and things that have changed recently with the appointing process. He told us that we need to apply about 18 months before we are ready to be appointed - so we're already behind. Haha. Daniel plans to finish his classes here in Dec '11 so we would be ready to leave as soon as he's finished. Yikes!
However, we're applying to be hospitality team at a local apartment complex that requires a 2 year contract, so if it all works out, we'll be here for at least 2 more years. It's an awesome program that works to help aparments with resident retention. We would be called the "CARES team" and we would plan and implement about 3-4 parties/events a month in the community and be in charge of visiting tenants. We've passed the phone interview and we're head first into the application now. Again, we're excited to see where the Lord leads us next.
Wednesday me and Daniel and two new friends of ours went out to "take the hill." The seminary has been working for the past year to make sure that every house within a one mile radius of the seminary has had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Let me just say that there are a LOT of houses within a one mile radius of the seminary. Every student was asked to take 5 houses and were also given a bag with a Spanish and English New Testament, tracks (in both languages) and some other information to leave if no one was home. A few people weren't home, a few didn't speak English, but we did get to talk with one young man. He is around our age and claimed that he knew nothing of what we were talking about. We shared our hearts with him for about 30 minutes, telling him of the love that our Father offers him. While he made no decision that day, he was very interested in what we were saying and took a New Testament and promised to call us if he had questions or wanted to talk more. We thanked God for that oportunity to plant seeds and we pray for someone else to come along and water them.


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  2. Wow, God is amazing! I'm glad that you two have found a way to be active while waiting on God's plan. The apartment ministry sounds really cool! Ya'll will be in my prayers. It's neat to see how God has brought you together for His glory and the things He is doing with your lives as a testament to Him. What joy! So, I totally think you should check out my latest blog. It's long, but you'll want to read it. :)