Friday, July 2, 2010

Thinking, And Procrastinating. :-)

Since I never really posted anything about the Expo while we were in China, here is a link to my facebook album if you would like to see pictures. I tried to narrow it down to the most interesting - but all the buildings were interesting! Haha.

Daniel and I at the Seed Cathedral (UK's Pavilion)

I have had a fantastic 4 days off from work and I've loved being able to spend some time with Daniel. I have one more night off, then I go back for 4 nights in a row, then I'm flying home to head to Panama City Beach with my sweet mom who has planned a get-a-way trip for the two of us! I'll fly back to TX after a week, and the day I get home, I work again for 3 nights. Yes, I know I'm crazy. Poor Daniel is going to have almost 2 weeks without really being able to spend time with me. He said I deserve a vacation with my mom though. I love my husband. :) Everyone (at least those who have had a happy, Christ-centered marriage) told me before our wedding over a year ago, that if I thought I loved him now, just wait 30 years and then I'll know what real love is. They said that the love grows deeper with each day you spend together, and every day you pray together, and they couldn't have been more right! I look at my patients who tell me they've been married for 30, 40, 50, and sometimes even 60 years, and I tell them I look forward to being with my husband for that long. Old people in love are just so cute!

So, since I'll be away for a week, and unavailable due to my work schedule for another 7 days, it's time to clean the house and make sure I don't have a disaster of a house to come home to. I'm slightly lacking motivation at this point.

PCB in 6 days! Yay!

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