Saturday, July 17, 2010

$$ I Love Saving Money! $$

My latest big-savings trip to my local Kroger!

Total before sales and coupons: $123.70
Total spent: $43.86!!!

Highlights of the deals:
Cottonelle 12 pack double rolls - $3.99 (I have more coupons, and I will definitely go back and stock up on this! - that's cheap for good TP!)
Tombstone Pizzas - $0.49
Philladelphia Cream Cheese - FREE!
Suave Deo - FREE
Rolaids - FREE
Smart Balance Milk - $0.99
Wishbone Dressing - $0.74
Whole Wheat Pasta - $0.50 (actually from last week's deals, but I added it in too)
Hunts Tomatoes - $0.45
Pepsi Products - $0.79
Rice-A/Pasta Roni- $0.79

Plus a few of the other staples such as bread, milk, and ice cream.

Plus I got a RedBox coupon good for one free night!
I think I see a date night with a frozen pizza, bottle of Pepsi, and a RedBox movie coming up! :)

Thanks to Couponing 101 for helping me find my deals!

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