Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 4 S's: Sun, Sand, Shopping & Sunburns :)

I just love this view, don't you?

Mom and I have made it to PCB, Florida. I left Dallas on Thursday, after working Wednesday night. My flight was supposed to leave at 3pm, but after boarding, our plane was delayed for about 2 hours and we just sat there on the tarmac waiting until the storms passed. We finally arrived in Birmingham at 6:30pm. Funny side note of the trip: one of my next door neighbors from my childhood was on the same flight. We had a good time catching up. Friday morning mom and I hit the road headed toward Florida. After a stop in Chilton County for peaches and a stop at a gas station for some snacks, we arrived at the hotel, where mom realized she had lost her credit card at the gas station. They eventually found it so I drove 2 hours back to Ozark, AL to get her credit card. We got to our condo on Saturday afternoon and went out to the beach for a few hours. The condo is nice, across the road from the beach, and that have an awesome lagoon pool on the beach. We're loving it here!

What our villa looks like. There are lakes all over the resort and there is a golf course.

We spent Sunday morning/early afternoon on the beach and I enjoyed taking some pictures of the sand and water. I guess we spent a little too much time because I've got a nice sunburn on my shoulders. :)

We found a part of the beach that wasn't so crowded.

Beautiful. And hardly a cloud in the sky and not a tar ball in the water.

The bird looking for some minnows on the shore.

The kids next to us were making a sand castle.

I took my ring off to put sunscreen on and I thought it was a pretty picture.

And here is my mom getting attacked by a wave. :)

While I've been here, Daniel and Jackson took our friends Bobby and Vanessa to a state park in Texas for a camping trip. I only get to talk to Daniel every so often due to lack of service in the park, but they've been having fun in the water and sun as well thanks to a river that runs through the park. They've been hiking, swimming, and exploring. Daniel said that Jackson kept them up all night last night with his barking at various sounds that he's not used to. The last time we went hiking with Jackson, he was a puppy and was staying in his kennel or in our tent, plus he didn't know how to bark at that point. Hopefully they will have a better night tonight.

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