Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday and Sleep Schedules (or lack thereof)

My birthday was on Thursday and crazy me decided to have people over to the house that night when we'd only been home for 2 days. :) But it was fun!

We got home on Tuesday in late afternoon and we both actually fell asleep at a decent hour and woke up around 7am on Wednesday. Two hours later, I decided I was tired again and fell back to sleep, then woke up at 1pm. This was the beginning of my problem. We cleaned house, did chores, went grocery shopping and eventually settled down and attempted to get more rest. Daniel fell asleep with no problem around 11pm, but I did not close my eyes until 6:30am on Thursday morning. Great way to start my birthday. I slept till about 11, go up, went to Olive Garden for my birthday lunch with Daniel, and returned home to finish the housework since we had invited the entire church (of only about 40 people) over to the house. We had about 10 or so of our friends show up to help celebrate and see some China pictures. We had hotdogs, rotel dip, watermelon, and cupcakes - sounds like a summer party right? It was wonderful to see our friends and know that we had people praying for us while we were in China. They are such a blessing in our life! I don't remember when I slept that night, but it didn't matter a whole lot because I had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. It was somewhat of a good thing that I didn't get back to a regular pattern of sleep because it would have been messed up by my night shifts anyway. Monday night I didn't go to bed until about 4am because I slept all day after getting off work. I've been catching up on all the tv shows I missed while we were gone. Blah blah blah, all this to say that I'm still very messed up. I slept all day today except for the the few hours I was awake from 4am-8am, 12pm-3pm for a movie with Daniel, and then 8pm when I realized that I've been sleeping all day. Ahhh! It's almost 9pm and I'm starving, it's pouring rain outside, and Daniel has been in the bed sleeping since about 5pm. At least we're sleeping though right? Even if it's crazy times.

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  1. WOW! Amanda! Oh how I have missed you! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am just so so very happy that you finally got to go to China! I DID see you on MTV, and I was super stoked that I knew you! :)
    I miss you so very much, and more than anything, I wish I could have been in China also! When I get more time, I will have to read all of your entries about your trip! I LOVE YOU!

    Oh P.S. Happy Belated Birthday! Being out of the country for the past 4 weeks has left me a little behind on birthday wishes!