Saturday, June 26, 2010

1st Anniversary, "Going", Friends, and Weddings!

Well, I had planned to update the blog with pictures of recent events, however, I can only find one of the memory cards at the present time.

Back to our "going" life.

I've finally figured out my sleeping schedule and I am officially back to my old habits when I have to sleep during the day for work. (That is, I cannot sleep throughout the entire day and wake up in the middle of the day for a few hours and go back to sleep.) I'm an early morning riser now, getting up anywhere between 6 and 7:30 most days. Mom I know you're proud. But it's been great because I can actually get things done while Daniel is still asleep.... laundry, dishes, couponing plans, grocery shopping, and play with Jackson. Speaking of couponing, guess what I did this morning? I have been searching high and low over the house for my check book (that I lost about 2 weeks ago) and $18 in register rewards from Walgreens that I acquired this past Monday. Well I found both after days of searching. The checkbook was in the couch, and the RR were outside, in the trashcan, in the bottom of the bag under a whole bunch of nasty food. Yuck. But, they were still in the bag so they only smell a little. :) Hope the cashier doesn't mind. But hey, it's $18!!

We have officially been married for a year!!! :) We celebrated on June 12 and 13th for our 1 year anniversary. We didn't get to go away or do anything super fun due to my work schedule, but it was still special nonetheless. We gave each other our gifts on the 12th and just spent the day being lazy and watching movies. It's amazing how much we miss each other when I'm working and he's in class! After spending 2 straight weeks with each other in China, I figured we would be sick of each other. But no, it made us miss each other even more when we were apart. We went to church on the 13th and then went to pick up our friends Bobby and Vanessa from the airport, then went to eat Mexican food with them at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We're so thankful for their friendship and yes, we did spend our anniversary picking our friends up at the airport. :)

Last weekend Daniel and I had a great roadtrip! I was called off work on Wednesday night due to a low census of patients so I got to sleep and pack. We left Thursday after Daniel got out of class and arrived in Vicksburg, MS around 8pm to stay with Brett and Laura Beth. We got to meet their sweet puppy Kelty and LB cooked a wonderful dinner! The boys watched the basketball and the girls got to catch up on life. I got to go shopping with LB the next day which was much needed! It's no fun to shop by yourself, and it's just not the same shopping with your husband as it is with another female. We stayed for lunch and then headed to Hattiesburg, MS to see Emily and Justin. Justin was on a business trip and didn't make it home until about 1am, but I got to spend some very much needed time with Emily! We went shopping for their new home that they just finished building and I think they are moving in this upcoming weekend! So exciting! I haven't seen Emily since December... and that's a long time for us to be apart since we spent the last 4 years of our life together constantly. Saturday morning I got to see an old college friend (that sounds so weird!) Lydia and we all went to see Justin and Em's new house. Then we were on the road again to Starkville, MS for 2 weddings and to see my parents.

David and Sara's Wedding was at 3pm. David was a college friend of Daniel's. We call him Big Dave. He's just as tall as Daniel. They were in the BSU together and played basketball. He married Sara - a perfect match! Their wedding was beautiful and full of worship and thanksgiving to the Lord for his blessings.

We saw lots of friends at their wedding, but couldn't stay long and had to get to Zach and Stacey's wedding at 5pm down the road. Their wedding was also very beautiful and we were so excited to be able to be their for their special day. They served their guests communion which I though was very special (and brave for Stacey carrying grape juice with her white dress!). Their reception was in West Point, so we were on the road again to the Ritz, an old theater turned reception hall. Great sit down meal of fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, salad, and ice cream in lieu of wedding cake! Stacey was a very important part in the story of how Daniel and I met and ultimately fell in love and we couldn't be more thankful for her friendship! Stacey was there for me on my wedding day and I wanted to make sure that she knew how grateful we were to have her in our life! Congrats Stacey and Zach!

After the weddings, we got to go back to the hotel and visit with Brad and Cari - again, much needed time with amazing friends! They are in Seminary at New Orleans, so we hardly get to see them. We can't wait for a camping trip with you two! When they left, Daniel and I got to enjoy our wedding cake topper! My mom had it in her freezer and we didn't see them before our first anniversary, so she brought it a week late. Still very yummy!!!! I now have the secret to freezing cake and having it last for a year! The cake was still white - the lighting was just bad.

By the way, my parents were at the hotel as well, we just didn't get to see them very much on Saturday due to how busy we were. Sunday we all went to church at our old church in Starkville. Again, got to see numerous faces that we haven't seen since December. For father's day we went to an old favorite - Old Venice - Yum! Daniel went to Columbus to play disc golf with some friends, and I hung out with my mom in the pool for the afternoon while dad napped. That night we introduced them to another favorite - Umi's. Mom wasn't very impressed, but dad ate some of the sushi that Daniel and I ordered. I ate way to fast to be able to enjoy it. But we haven't had good sushi like that since we left in December.

Monday we went to Dirt Cheap and got our hair cut then hit the road again. We stopped in Jackson to see Daniel's dad and my friend Brooke, then back to Fort Worth. We were glad to be home, but had an amazing time seeing everyone and can't believe how grown up we all are! Haha.

The other day our friends Bobby and Vanessa came over and informed us of an organization in Fort Worth called World Relief. They work with refugees from overseas and find homes, furnishings, jobs, etc. for these individuals and families who have had to flee their nations. Daniel found a job listing on their website for a position that was exactly what he's been looking for, so please be in prayer for this job. We were able to meet one of the refugees that they have become friends with. Such a blessing to our heart to hear this brother's story and be able to lift him up in prayer. We're excited out meeting more people and sharing our hearts and life with them. I've finally figured out what all my couponing freebies will be going to! :)

Friday we got to take our pastor's 3 oldest kids to the FW Museum of Science and History - so much fun!!! I'm not sure who had more fun, us or the kids. We played in the grocery store, dug for dino bones, went on a 4D ride to find natural gas, rode horses to herd cattle, played in the water, and came up with new inventions, as well as saw some of DiVinci's old inventions. Such a fun day!

That's been our life in Fort Worth as of lately. Hopefully I'll start blogging more and won't have such long posts!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday and Sleep Schedules (or lack thereof)

My birthday was on Thursday and crazy me decided to have people over to the house that night when we'd only been home for 2 days. :) But it was fun!

We got home on Tuesday in late afternoon and we both actually fell asleep at a decent hour and woke up around 7am on Wednesday. Two hours later, I decided I was tired again and fell back to sleep, then woke up at 1pm. This was the beginning of my problem. We cleaned house, did chores, went grocery shopping and eventually settled down and attempted to get more rest. Daniel fell asleep with no problem around 11pm, but I did not close my eyes until 6:30am on Thursday morning. Great way to start my birthday. I slept till about 11, go up, went to Olive Garden for my birthday lunch with Daniel, and returned home to finish the housework since we had invited the entire church (of only about 40 people) over to the house. We had about 10 or so of our friends show up to help celebrate and see some China pictures. We had hotdogs, rotel dip, watermelon, and cupcakes - sounds like a summer party right? It was wonderful to see our friends and know that we had people praying for us while we were in China. They are such a blessing in our life! I don't remember when I slept that night, but it didn't matter a whole lot because I had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. It was somewhat of a good thing that I didn't get back to a regular pattern of sleep because it would have been messed up by my night shifts anyway. Monday night I didn't go to bed until about 4am because I slept all day after getting off work. I've been catching up on all the tv shows I missed while we were gone. Blah blah blah, all this to say that I'm still very messed up. I slept all day today except for the the few hours I was awake from 4am-8am, 12pm-3pm for a movie with Daniel, and then 8pm when I realized that I've been sleeping all day. Ahhh! It's almost 9pm and I'm starving, it's pouring rain outside, and Daniel has been in the bed sleeping since about 5pm. At least we're sleeping though right? Even if it's crazy times.