Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes, we were on MTV... and China days 6-8

Yes, Daniel and I did appear on national television, and yes, we did get to watch it in China. Story behind it: One of Daniel's best friends from college chose to save his first kiss until the alter, as did his sweet girlfriend/now wife, Laura Beth. We've been good friends with them since we all started dating in college and MTV chose them to be a couple on True Life: I'm a Newlywed and they followed their story from engagement to married life. Daniel and I went to spend a weekend with Brett and LB and MTV filmed a session of the 4 of us talking about how great it is to be married and how glad we are that we waited till marriage to have sex. We are so proud of Brett and LB for their decision and we're so glad that they were able to share their story with the world! They were able to glorify the Father on national television, and MTV nonetheless! MTV actually did something good. :) You can still watch the episode on MTV.com under their True Life webpage if you missed the original episode.

Back to China:

Day 6 (Sunday): K&J were still gone to Beijing so we headed to our other friends apartment that afternoon for some fellowship. We were able to spend time getting to know some brothers and sisters which was awesome! Their other friend was still in town and the 5 of us went to eat at what they call the "hot pot." Definitely not something that I've ever done before. You order a pot (of basically soup with seasoning) and then lots of vegetables and meats, and then you cook all the food in the pot of soup. I got the curry pot, and Daniel got the mushroom pot. We had potatoes, beef, lamb, carrots, bamboo, corn, letuce, and mushrooms. It was very good! The day was very relaxing and a great time to fellowship. :)

Day 7 (Monday): Probably our worst day in China so far. I guess we hit our wall and got kind of homesick. We decided to go out and just shop around the city. We've been looking for a camera lens and so we headed to an electronics mall. Long story short, we were pressured to quickly buy something (not even what we went for) and then in the end we were just mad at ourselves. It really wasn't any big deal or any great amount of money, but we were both just disappointed when we realized what we had spent. Trying to figure out conversions of USD and RMB is not fun when people are pressing you and all up in your space. We were pretty much just sick of having so many people around all the time and how rude Chinese people can be sometimes. And then on top of that you have all these people yelling at you to come to their store and buy this or that random item. Just a little overwhelming that day. So we decided to come back to the apartment and have a day of rest. The rest of the day included mac and cheese, Lost season 3, and napping. When K&J got home, we went to the grocery store and Daniel and I cooked dinner for them as part of our thank you for putting up with us. We made a pasta with cream cheese, spinach, alfredo sauce and noodles with red sauce and mozarella on top, garlic bread, and green beans with almonds in a butter/brown sugar sauce. It was very yummy! And I'm so glad they liked it!
After dinner, Jennifer took me to go get our hair washed. In China it's the thing to do. You pay a little over a dollar and get your hair washed/dried, and you get a neck, arm, shoulder, and back massage. They even clean out your ears (eww!). It was a little weird having this young guy do all this for me - he was new and was in training, and of course Jennifer got the female. But it was relaxing and my hair was very soft after.

Day 8 (Tuesday): We rode to the outskirts of the city with our friends and one of their Chinese friends to a couple of universities. In all it took about 3 hours of travel time to get out there. We rode a bus for 2 hours. We got to see all different parts of Shanghai. Our friends told us that if you went from north to south Shanghai it would take about 6 hours. Crazy! We saw sky rises all the way to small farming communities, and the construction taking place inbetween. The girls went to one university and the boys another. The girls had an ok day, nothing too special. We were able to talk to some people. The boys had a little excitement and ended up leaving quickly but they had some good conversations as well. We enjoyed getting to spend time with our friends again and encouraging them. Jennifer took Daniel and I to eat Muslim noodles tonight at a small hole in the wall restaurant down the street. Wow! They were so good! And a huge plate of noodles with vegetables and beef was only a little over a dollar.

PR: Kenny is not well, he has been very sick tonight. I've had a sore throat all day and felt I was breathing fire all day - I really can't be getting sick. Daniel and I will be going to 4 universities by ourselves this week. Back in TX there is a baby named David who was born right before we came to China, he is very sick and back in the hospital with bilirubin problems.

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  1. i am loving your China updates and pictures!

    and i am loving that you were on MTV True life! that is nuts! i haven't watched the whole episode yet, but i am working on it.