Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures of Shanghai!

Daniel in the downtown area. Shanghai built this elevated walkway right by the Pearl Tower just recently. They have done so much to the city just for the Expo.

This is the Expo 2010 mascot. The flowerbed behind me is also dedicated to the Expo. It's a large circle that is divided and has flowers planted in the symbols that represented each Expo in Shanghai of the past.

The Pearl Tower is on one side of the river, and this is the view of the other side. we actually like looking at the other side better. So many interesting buildings all along this river. We rode the ferry to get to the other side. The walking street is on this side.
This picture is of the walking street at night. So many people!

The 9 story mall. It's called the Super Brand Mall and this picture is taken from about 3 stories up. It's located in the circle by the Pearl Tower.

Pearl Tower

Pearl Tower at sunset.
Downtown area at sunset.

Pearl Tower side of the river after dark with all the beautiful lights.

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