Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 ended with us getting to go back to downtown to the other end of the Walking Street and meeting some of J&K's friends. We supposedly ate the best dumplings in Shanghai. They were very good and I had no idea that there was a specific way to eat a dumpling. They were very hot and I burned my tongue with the first bite so it kind of ruined the rest for me. We ate them at Krispy Creme and got some donuts as well. Wonderful dinner! haha I couldn't eat all my dumplings so I ended up giving to a lady at the subway stop where we get off. This stop is always packed with men and women who stand right at exit trying to get you to pick them to take you home either in their taxi, on the scooter, or in their little cart that they pull with a bike or a scooter. They also have lots of street vendors selling homemade food. Good day.

Day 3 has been the best day so far. We got to do what we came to do. I woke up about 4am here and was wide awake, so I got up and watched Glee online then went back to bed for about an hour and got back up to say goodbye to J&K who have left to go run a marathon in Beijing. We met our new friends at the subway and rode out to an area with some universities. It is in a completely different part of Shanghai than I have seen since being here. Its really cool out there. It's not so built up with sky rises and companies, but they are starting to get a lot of sky rise apt buildings out there. It was really fun getting to see a lot of people our age walking around because that's pretty much all that is in this community besides teachers who commute to work. They all share dorms in one complex and there are 3 universities I think. They have a long rode with a huge strip mall and lots of shops (anything a college student could need). We ate at a KFC (I know, I'm in China and I eat American food, sorry). We split the group up and walked to 2 different campuses. The one that I went to visit was so incredibly interesting. We walked around for a while and took pictures of the buildings and student life. We were able to talk to a lot of students and find out what kind of majors they had at the university. It was so much fun getting to help them practice their English and they were all more than willing to stop and talk with us. It was a wonderful day. We made it home around 6:30pm and were completely exhausted. Walking all day is really tiring. We bought some of the food off the street (really good!) and came back to the apt. J&K had left us pizza to make so we had that too and laid on the cough to watch one of the thousands of movies they have (we are definitely stocking up on the way home!). We both fell asleep before the movie was even half way finished and just went to bed. Great day. :)
Love you all! Thanks for reading!

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