Saturday, May 22, 2010

China Update: Days 9-11

Day 9 (Wednesday):
Well we had all these big plans to go to universities and explore town more, but I woke up sick. Since we had plans to go the Expo on Thursday, we decided to take a sick day and rest as much as possible because Thursday was going to be a really long day. So we laid in bed and watched Lost pretty much all day. Later that night we decided that we had to do something other than sit in the apartment so we went into town to see the acrobat show. We had dinner at a Western sandwich/salad shop and then walked to the show. It was actually really fun and we really enjoyed the show. The acrobats are very young kids and can bend in some incredible ways. It's amazing how much they trust each other. Here are a few of the incredible things they can do:

Day 10 (Thursday):
EXPO!!! We spent 12 hours at the Expo and had the best time! After lunch I started feeling a little better (once I had some caffeine and sugar) and we were ready to go again. We saw so many pavilions. There was a ridiculous amount of people there (mostly all Chinese). We opted out of the long lines for most of the day until nighttime when people seemed to have gone home and lines were much shorter to the larger pavilions. We were able to go to USA, Spain, Belgium, and the UK, along with many of the smaller countries. The most annoying part about the day was the "passports." The Expo issued fake passports that you could get stamped at all the countries you visitied. The only problem is that the Chinese people buy like 10 0f them for themselves so there are never enough for everyone who visits each day. (We read that they produce about 800,000 per day and they only have 200-300,000 in attendance.) So you get to
the end of the pavilion and there is this crowd of people lined up waiting to have their passports stamped and they just keep shoving them in the poor expo worker's face. I think I would hate that job. We took way to many pictures to even pick a few that we liked to put on the blog, but there will most definitely be an entire facebook album for it when we get home. We will never again complain about lines at 6 Flags. :)

Day 11 (Friday):
The 12 hour day took it's toll on my health again and I woke up not feeling 100% but we knew that we had to get something done that day, so we rode the bus out to one of the nearby universities. Well, Friday afternoon, most kids have gone home and this was only a small campus of about 1,000, so we really didn't get to talk to anyone. So we walked around, took some pictures, enjoyed the pretty campus, talked with one guy, and left. Not the most productive day, but that's ok. For dinner, we went with J&K to meet up with some of their friends for dinner at, get this, Cafe du Monde!!!! Yes, like the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans! Except this one serves food, not just bengeits and coffee. But we did order our bengeits. :) Nice little taste from America. We found out that if Daniel had stuck with his engineering thing and decided to come work in Shanghai with a company that we would get our own personal driver to use at our discresion and a aye (or maid/aunt/nanny) that could move in with us if we had kids and do laundry, cooking, cleaning, and childcare, all at the company's cost. Pretty ridiculous. It's so cheap to live in China if you have a decent job like being a teacher and really reach if you have a job with an American company (unless you like American things, then you have to pay import prices which is pretty crazy).

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