Saturday, May 15, 2010

China: Day 4 and 5

Day 4 was a restful day. Daniel and I were supposed to go see another university with our new friends but something came up and we weren't able to leave on time. We didn't head that way until 2 in the afternoon, so we just relaxed at the apt and napped some more. Very much needed while continuing to recover from jetlag. We made it to the university but were told that we weren't allowed, "no foreigners." So we walked around to another gate and went right in. Haha. The campus was beautiful! The buildings were so big and magnificant. We were able to talk to a lot of students even though it was Friday and everyone was heading home for the weekend. When we left that campus we got in a taxi to go closer to our friends home and eat dinner with some of their friends who were in town. We got a real taxi experience this time. Our friends had just finished telling us that most taxi drivers were honest and not that scary when it came to driving. This was polar opposite. He was yelling Shanghainese at other drivers and pedestrians and driving down the wrong side of the road. Then we got on the subway, then into another taxi and we had just as bad of an experience. He tried to drive us all the way around the place we were trying to get to and make is pay way more than we should have. Finally our friends started directing him and telling him to turn. We ate at Peter's Tex-Mex for dinner. Nice little treat from home - lots of Texas decorations. It was so good! As soon as we got back to the apt that night, we crashed. But we're still loving every minute that we're here!

Day 5 has by far been the best day. We were able to go to a Chinese orphanage today. We actually slept in today. We left the apt around 11:30am and headed toward the orphanage. It took about an hour to get there on the subway. We walked around for a while and decided to eat at Pizza Hut. It was by far the nicest Pizza Hut that we have ever been to. It looked more like a 5 star restaurant. The food was very different from America's PH, but very delicious. After lunch we headed to the orphanage with map in hand. It was a little difficult to find, but eventually we did. J&K had signed us up to go in their place this weekend. A man from Australia greeted us and told us that there is a group of young professionals who get together at least once a week to 'give back' to Shanghai. They are all foreigners and speak English, so that was refreshing. The 1st floor of the orphanage has the 4yr olds to early teens, 2nd floor has the teenagers, and 3rd floor has the crib babies. Most all of the children in this orphanage have some sort of disability, but not all. We were told that no one is allowed access to the teenagers. Daniel and I went to play with the babies and love on them as much as we could in our 2 hours. When we got there, they were all just waking up and being put in chairs/walkers on the floor. Their diapers were changed and we noticed that they didn't wear pampers. Their diapers consisted of folded cloths and a large strip of plastic from the wrappers of pampers bags. Some of the babies were tied to the bed to keep them from rolling all over and most were tied down when placed in the walkers or chairs to keep them sitting upright because they have no muscle tone. Each child has a flat part on their head from the way they constantly lay in the bed and many of their necks are hyperextended. They were absolutely precious though. The orphanage itself was much more than we expected. They are working on renovations and have play rooms and new paint. Still very much in need of assistance though as far as people coming to help. We loved on the babies for about an hour, trying to hold each of them as much as possible. Some were too rigid and stiff to cradle, and many were not able to be put in the chairs and had to stay in the crib. After an hour, feeding began. It seems that they are feed good portions. It broke my heart to know that these little ones will probably never leave this place because they will have no where to go, especially those with disabilities. I just kept reminding myself that they are his children and he will provide and protect. We left the orphanage and went back to the Walking Street. We had a first while we were there, 2 girls came up and asked if they could have a picture with us. Haha. We felt like celebrities. Today was a good experience and made me thankful for people like those we worked with at the orphange. At least those babies will get some love once or twice a month. And the workers there were very nice and loving, not quite as gentle and patient as we were, but I could they they do care for the babies.

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  1. what sweet children; so good you could hold them :)
    on both my trips to India my last meal in the country was at Pizza Hut; very much like our Pizza Huts (except the HIndi); one was in Dehli and one was in Mumbai.
    sending hugs and prayers
    love you
    aunt karen