Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adoption Prayer Requests

After being in China, we've really been praying about adoption in the long time future. We aren't in any place at the present to adopt, but we have a few friends are are currently going through the process and we've seen the frustration and the joy that comes with the process.

Jennifer and Kenny (the couple we stayed with in China) are planning to adopt from China within the next 2 years. Please pray that the funds will be there when the time comes and that the fostering process will go smoothly and they can get their baby in their home next year hopefully!

Cody and Melissa (Daniel's old youth minister and wife) live in Kansas and are currently in the process of getting a little girl named Mercy from Uganda. They already have 2 little girls, and the entire family is patiently waiting for all the lose ends to be tied up so they can hold their baby girl and call her their own. They are selling t-shirts to help with the funds of getting Mercy home. Please pray that Mercy is being taken care of right now, for her health, and for the workers at the orphanage. Pray for the US and the African governments, that they can work together and pray for no more roadblocks or hurdles for the Busbys to deal with. The Lord has been faithful in this process and I pray that their family continues to see His work through this journey.

Josh and Katie (the previous owners of Jackson, and current owners of his parents!) live in Madison, MS and are currently in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia. They have just recently started and don't have a child picked out or anything like that, but they're working on raising money and getting all the paperwork/legal issues started. This will be their first child and they are so excited! They are also selling t-shirts to raise money for their soon-to-be new addition to the family. Please pray that the Lord will give then the patience needed in the process, and while things are moving slow, allow them to rejoice knowing that the Father is in control and will provide when the time is right.

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