Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Times

Our life is crazy. Our time is stretched. Our love grows more and more each day. Our dog eats more and more each day. Our house never seems to be clean and our laundry never seems to be caught up. But we're still loving it.

Fort Worth has been good for us. Life changed a lot by coming here but we're happy. Daniel's classes have been going great, and he's finishing up the semester with finals this Friday and then Monday-Wednesday of next week. I feel like I work all the time, but I love it. I'm getting to know my co-workers and they are wonderful people. We leave for China on May 9th. We are going to visit some new friends of ours who live and teach English over there. They have set up an itinerary for us including orphanage visits, teaching English to migrants, site-seeing and going to the University to talk with students. We'll also get to visit the World Expo while we're there. How awesome!? Please pray for safe travel, good health, and good conversations.

A little over a month ago, Chris Magee and Kate Poore from Mississippi came to visit. They are getting married this May and are moving to Houston. We got to meet up with them at Enchanted Rock State Park and do some rock climbing. This was my first experience with "real" rock climbing and I found out that I really enjoy it and I'm actually pretty good at it. We spent the night in hammocks and climbed a whole bunch of rocks. After this trip I had to go buy my own climbing equipment so Daniel and I can go. Last week we took our friends Vanessa and Bobby to Arlington to go to Dyno Rock which is an indoor rock climbing gym. We climbed for about 2 hours and had a blast as well.

Daniel going up and me going up.

After a good night's rest!

We hiked up the Enchanted Rock for a photo op. It was so windy.

The pilgrimage up to the Enchanted Rock.

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I officially joined the Cross Baptist Church in Southwest Fort Worth. We are currently meeting in the local high school's lunch room. It's a church plant that our new friend and pastor, Lewis Richerson started about 3 years go. The Sunday that we joined, our other 3 couple friends that we have become very close with since moving here also joined. It was a special day for the church.

Daniel is still trying to sell pens with his friend Bobby to help raise money for our mission trips. Great Father's Day gifts! We went to our first arts and crafts fair to sell them... it didn't turn out like we'd hoped, but we sold 2!

We've been having fun at small group too. Still learning about the 10 Commandments... next week is the 10th. We just love our friends.

Prom poses!

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