Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy Times

It's been a little crazy for the Brays lately - some days were good, and others were not so good.

After Daniel's friends left it was back to not having plans and just sitting around the house doing a whole lot of nothing so we finally decided to check out Beautiful Feet. BF is an organization that serves the homeless community in Fort Worth. They provide breakfast and lunch daily as well as a devotion/service before each meal. If you want food, you have to go and listen to them first. Mike is the mastermind behind this ministry and he is actually from MS and his wife is from AL - they started this ministry in the 80s I believe. But not only do they minister to the homeless, but also those who have maybe gotten into some trouble and are working off community service hours by helping in the kitchen and around the church. We went on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. On Wednesdays they offer a free clinic and I was able to help that day. Daniel ran errands for Mike and picked up donations from restaurants and took a few people to the eye doctor. He also did the devotion on Thursday. We had every intention of going back on Friday.... but...

Thursday night after Alabama dominated, I got a phone call from my mom. Long story short, dad was having problems breathing and was in pain and was going to the ER by ambulance. Longer story shorter, he had a blood clot in his leg that broke off, traveled up to his heart, THROUGH the right side of his heart, and got stuck in the pulmonary artery where blood flow splits to provide oxygen to both lungs so they can in turn reoxygenate other blood. He should have died according to the doctors. They say he is a miracle. So, prior to most all of this knowledge other than dad had a possible blood clot, Daniel and I loaded Jackson in the car and we set out for Alabama on Friday morning. Dad is fine, recovering well, and other than the initial pain and shortness of breath, hasn't had any other problems. He still has a clot in his leg and the one in his pulmonary artery, but they put him on lots of blood thinners and those will hopefully begin to dissolve and disappear on their own. Daniel and I returned to Fort Worth on Sunday night because I started orientation at Baylor today.

So today I head off to the hospital to start orientation. I was almost to the hospital and looked at the sheet of paper with all my information and realized that I was supposed to be in Irving, TX. (Baylor has about 10 hospital campuses around the Metroplex area) The good thing was that I left early that morning. The bad thing was that it was still 30 miles away and traffic was terrible. I was about 12 minutes late, but they didn't seem to mind. I think I am really going to enjoy working with the Baylor Healthcare System. It seems like an amazing organization that is "patient-centered" and they truly care about their employees and making Baylor the "best place to work."

Then I'm on my way home from Irving and Daniel calls to tell me something has happened with the washing machine (which is in the garage) and the carpet in the living room is wet (on the other side of the wall). Our landlord game over tonight and pulled back some of the carpet and is bringing a plumber over in the morning to look at the damage. Evidently this house has had some foundational leaking in the past. Oh joy. So we'll find out tomorrow if the culprit is the washing machine, the hot water heater, the pipes in the wall, or the old foundation.

I'm still working on the book I'm reading and have lots to share but it will have to be part of another post. I hope you've thanked God for the many blessings he's given you today and please pray for my dad and my mom. My mom has been very stressed by all of this and is also dealing with my grandmother who she moved into assisted living last week.

Love and miss you all.

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