Friday, December 18, 2009

Fort Worth is now home

It's been a long week. After packing up the house in Starkville, I stayed with my parents for a while to spend some time with them while Daniel went on to Pelahatchie. On Sunday morning I joined him and we had Christmas with his family. We snuck out that night for our 6 month anniversary and ended up meeting Brett and Laura Beth for dinner. We were glad that we were able to see them and spend some time before the move. We woke up early on Monday morning and arrived in Fort Worth on Monday around 1:00pm. Daniel's family and a friend that goes to the seminary here unloaded us and then we were on our own to clean and start setting up the house. Everything is starting to find its place in our new home. Daniel rented a carpet cleaner and we shampooed the carpet in the whole house one day, as well as cleaned all the couches and chairs. We drove around one day to see what was around us and discovered hundreds of stores within 10 miles from our house. Seriously, anything you could possibly want we have nearby. It's ridiculous. We could literally walk to the mall from our house.

I had a job interview at Baylor All Saints Medical Center near downtown Fort Worth on Wednesday afternoon. It involved a peer interview (with 3 nurses from the unit) and then the nurse manager interviewed me and showed me around the unit. He told me that I was the most qualified candidate that he had for the job (me and my 6 months ICU experience) because none of the other nurses he was interviewing had ICU experience. The interview went well and I left with a good feeling from it. Well, turns out it went really well because the nurse recruiter called me on Thursday to let me know that they wanted to extend an offer to me! So I will be a CVICU nurse and I start on January 4th! Such an answered prayer!

Daniel and I are enjoying our time together since I haven't had time off since the honeymoon. We have had lots of "mini-dates" around the city. We have fun just walking around or driving to see what is nearby. Thursday night we drove to downtown to celebrate and find some good food. It was decorated for Christmas so Daniel took advantage of using our new camera. This weekend we plan to drive to some other cities about an hour away and find some fun. Specifically Daniel is wanting to go to the Ikea store as well as a store called nuts and bolts which is supposedly Tarrant County's largest tool store. We are going to begin the church hunt this weekend.

If you're ever near Fort Worth please stop by. We would love to see you!

Pictures of the house to come soon. For now, here are a few pictures from downtown Fort Worth.This is a floral bull that they mummified to keep frost off. Kinda odd. The downtown square is gorgeous with all the Christmas decor!
The streets are lined with trees lit up with Christmas lights.


  1. Glad to hear that the move when smoothly! And also that you have a job!! Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Congratulations on the job! Keep the updates coming!