Sunday, November 29, 2009

The move is getting closer and the stack of boxes is getting bigger. Packing up is really not that much fun. I got a call last week from the nurse recruiter at Baylor Medical Center in Fort Worth and the nurse manager in the CVICU wants to meet with me on the 16th and interview me face to face! I'm very excited! So we will move in on the 14th, I'll have one day to find the box of clothes and hopefully I'll get a job offer!

Daniel and I got to spend part of Thanksgiving with my parents in Northport. My dad came home from Ohio on Sunday after breaking his leg and having to have surgery up there. We had dinner on Wednesday with my family and then Daniel went to Pelahatchie on Thursday to be with his family for a few days. I had to work on Thanksgiving night and through the weekend. Wasn't too bad though. I love my job.

Daniel and I put up the Christmas tree today! We don't have many decorations, but we're happy with it. We hadn't planned on decorating for Christmas in this house but I just couldn't help it. Jackson isn't quite sure what the tree is and he keeps eyeing the ornaments like they are toys for him.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm married... it's time to start a blog I guess.

Well, lots of other people have a blog, and now that Daniel and I are moving away from our friends and family what better way to keep everyone up to date on our lives. Daniel and I are moving to Fort Worth, TX on December 14th. We have a rental house waiting for us. That is a huge blessing to already have some place to move into. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage, big backyard (Jackson will be so excited!) and lots of storage space! We'll have a spare bed and blow up air mattresses for anyone who wants to come visit!I'm currently looking for a job in Fort Worth preferably in the ICU or ER - I have been turned down at one hospital for lack of experience but I had a phone interview with a recruiter from Baylor Medical Center the other day and it went really well! She is moving me on to the next step - I don't have a job yet, but at least I'm one step closer and actually got to talk to a person.

Daniel is having a rough time with getting all the work done for these 20 hours that he's trying to finish up. He should be mostly finished by Thanksgiving week. Then a few finals and graduation on the 11th and we're officially done with undergrad work. Thank goodness. Seminary won't be a breeze but we know that it will be preparing him for the work that is ahead of us.

Please be in prayer for Daniel as he is finishing up his classwork and presenting his projects that he has been working on all semester, pray for me as I am searching for a job, and pray for our families as this move is not going to be very easy for them.

Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings and help give blessings to others.